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5 Tips to Make the Most of a Bridal Fair

You have long basked in the euphoria of your recent engagement; but as the excitement begins to fade, it is replaced by the panic. You’ve got a wedding to plan and you have no clue how to go about it! For years, bridal fairs have provided a convenient way for brides-to-be to learn about the countless options for planning a wedding. To make the most of a bridal show, keep these tips in mind.

Know What Bridal Shows Are About

If you wish to take good advantage of a bridal show, it is important to know what it has to offer, and how can it benefit you. A bridal fair is a unique exhibition, where vendors from the wedding industry display their creativity, craft, products, or services for soon-to-be brides. The fair is usually dictated by latest trends in fashion, décor, wedding food that allows brides to pick the best. If done right, a bridal show can give you a complete preview of what your wedding could be like.

Be Smart, Don’t Exhaust Yourself

There will be multiple shows happening in and around your location – you do not have to attend them all. Limit yourself to the three most talked about. It is always suggested that you attend the bridal fairs in the area you plan to hold your wedding in. That way, you will have access to the local vendors you need to approach when the wedding draws near.

Be Prepared   

Bridal shows offer you a fantastic opportunity to explore your options and meet your favorite vendors up close and personal. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, you need to be prepared. Wear comfortable shoes (there’ll be a lot of walking around) and clothes. Draw up a checklist of the services you require to streamline your efforts. Come up with standard questions that you may need to ask vendors about their services. Keep some cash and your checkbook with you. Carry a bag or folder to hold the numerous brochures you’ll be collecting and ask a friend to accompany you.

Get To Work

You will be coming across a host of different vendors; therefore it is important to keep track. Carry a notebook along. Take notes, ask for visiting cards, write down your opinions, take pictures, and samples. Also, bear in mind that you may not get along with all vendors. Be polite, and reach out to ones who are more interested in your vision of a perfect wedding. This is the time to shortlist vendors, get contacts, schedule appointments, and avail discounts too!

Know When to Exit

All the whimsical wedding details, delicious cakes, and gorgeous photographs of smooching couples will ultimately begin pestering you. When that happens – it’s time to leave. You are most likely exhausted, and continuing any further will do you no good. It is hence, better to leave the fair, head home, and get started on the next level of planning.

So ladies gear up because Connecticut is about to be blown away by a series of bridal shows planned all the way till November. View the Wedding Steps schedules for and buy bridal show tickets online. For more details on the subject, feel free to contact us.

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