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Tips For A Successful Dress Fitting

Wedding dress fittings can be an extremely stressful event for brides. Concerns about fit and weight are brought to the forefront, and if there is any dress regret, a fitting is a make or break moment. Here are some simple rules for your dress fitting.

1) Clean Up— Don’t go to your fittings dirty/smelly. Remember that your dress is most likely white or some permeation of that, and it stains easily!  Wash your hands before touching your dress, especially if you have recently been playing around with makeup! Moreover, your seamstress is more than likely to be all up in your personal space, so freshen up!

2) Don’t forget—It is important that you wear the undergarments you plan on wearing to the wedding so the fit of your dress is what it should be. Also, bring the shoes you plan on wearing to the wedding so the length of your dress is perfect and to avoid any chance of tripping in your dress the day of.

3) Beautify Before—A lot of reasons brides have dress regret is that they can’t see the whole picture. They see a dress on their body, with a mess for hair and little to no makeup on. Beautify yourself  a bit prior to your fittings. You don’t have to go crazy.

4) Play Dress-Up— A fitting is the perfect time to play around with your day of look, and try out accessories. Bring that statement necklace you love but aren’t sure if its too much. Try out a headband or hair comb. This is the time to perfect your wedding day look!

5) EAT!— Eat and drink before your fitting. You don’t have to stuff yourself  but enough to keep your blood sugar stable and your body well hydrated. Remember that you will be standing around, likely in heels, without walking around too much. Nobody wants to faint in their wedding dress!

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