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A beginner’s guide to hiring a wedding caterer

Good food makes everything better, even weddings. Food is one of the most essential aspects of a wedding. It’s what makes a wedding stand out. That’s why it is pivotal to hire an expert in wedding catering.

Although some venues provide in-house catering, in other cases you will have to book a caterer yourself. How do you select a great wedding caterer? Someone who can prepare a menu that complements the overall theme of your wedding? In order to simplify the hiring process, here are a few questions to ask your caterer:

Do you have a license?

Is the wedding caterer insured? Do they have a license? Ask them to provide an up-to-date insurance certificate and license. A license indicates that the caterer business is operating legally, while insurance gives an assurance that you will not be liable to pay for damages if a guest injures himself or herself at your wedding. Also, remember to ask your caterer for liquor liability insurance in case they offer alcohol.

What is your specialty?

Make sure to ask the type of food the caterer specializes in. This will help you determine whether they can deliver what you want. Discuss your cuisine options with the caterer to find out.

When it comes to hiring a caterer, it’s a good idea to select a specialized one to obtain scrumptious food.

If you require them to make special meals to cater to different dietary needs, do let them know in advance. This includes vegetarian, kosher, halal, and gluten-free meals. They might charge you additional fee for it.

What’s your average price range?

Discuss pricing with the caterer. Analyze their packages. Check the entrée, appetizer, main course options. Most catering packages come with salad, appetizers, entrée and dessert, alongside coffee service. In some cases, you get the wedding cake (in place of dessert) and wine. Do let them know your budget and then figure out if their package is up to the mark.

Talk pricing in detail. Does the caterer want an initial security deposit? Do they expect gratuities? Above all, will they offer a refund in case of an emergency?

The general rule of thumb is to get estimates from as many caterers as possible. Then, compare packages to select the one that suits your budget.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

References are the best way to determine a caterer’s services. Ask for at least two references. Make sure you get references from a client who had a similar menu as yours.

Will there be a tasting before the wedding?

Don’t just depend on word-of-mouth and online reviews. Get to taste the food that will be presented on your big day. Ask the caterer when tastings will take place.

Will you provide the extras?

Check if the caterer will provide the extra items, such as wedding cake, silverware, napkins, tables, chairs, salt and peppershakers? What about alcohol and drinks? If they will serve alcohol, will you also get bartenders? Usually, wedding caterers charge additional fee for all extra items.

Where will you prepare the food? Who will take charge on the wedding day?

Will the caterer prepare food at the venue or will they need additional space? Keep in mind, they may charge you extra if they have to bring in equipment.

Additionally, who will oversee the event on the wedding day? Will it be the person you planned everything with? What would happen if they fall sick? Who will take charge then?

In the event of a crisis, the caterer needs to have a backup plan. Ask them how they handled crises in the past.

How will you arrange the food?

While taste is everything, presentation is just as imperative. What does the caterer have in mind in terms of food presentation at your wedding? Buffet or plated? Also, ask them about the set up details. How much time will it take to deliver equipment to the wedding venue and then set up? All this information is required to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

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