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Wedding themes have changed quite a bit but have you ever heard of a destination wedding? More so as the times progress, they are becoming more popular but some people are not exactly sure what they are and what they entail. A destination wedding is a wedding that is planned about 200 miles away from where you live. Like say you live in Virginia, but your wedding is going to take place in the Florida Keys. Everyone will gather there for a few days or week, and that’s where the event will take place! This will include a lot of travel, hotel group packages, Internet planning and an agenda for everyone to follow for their stay. You may even want to consider an online wedding planner to help get everything together.

A Few Things to Consider

Some things that you are going to want to consider if you are planning a wedding, a destination wedding specifically, is what amenities are actually going to be included for the event. If you are going to be staying at a resort with your friends and loved ones, what are the associated costs, what is going to be covered and are there any events included? Additionally, you are going to want to consider how busy the area will be (if it is a touristy area) and the weather! While we cannot always rely on weather predictions, having a good idea of what to expect may very well adjust your plans slightly.

Depending on the size of the wedding being planned, price range will vary – the average costs for a destination wedding is around 22,000 US dollars. Of course if the event is going to be larger, you can expect costs to accrue and if it is more intimate, the costs may lower. Start planning your destination wedding today, perhaps you will go to New Zealand and go bungee jumping or Colorado and enjoy the mountains!


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