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An Ultimate Surprise

A surprise birthday, mother’s day, and proposal this bride will never forget

Yahoo periodically presents a program they call The Ultimate Surprise. In these clips, they help plan a wonderful surprise to a deserving individual who without their help would not be given the surprise they deserve. It’s wonderful to see these typically selfless people have their love and kindness reflected onto them for a change. In this recent episode, a young man named Zack, with the help of the Ultimate Surprise crew, graciously thanks his girlfriend Afi for being there for him during his treatment for a rare type of nerve cancer that caused him to lose part of his left arm. To make up for lost time while he was sick this surprise consisted of a surprise birthday celebration, followed by a mother’s day surprise consisting of the arrival of her mother she hadn’t seen in years with their young daughter. On top of that was one final surprise, a proposal! This night was definitely not one Afi will forget. She may have been extremely overwhelmed, but she deserved every second of it and it was special to be able to experience every moment of it with her while watching the video.

See for yourself the look on Afi’s face as she received surprise after surprise after surprise!



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