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Be Trendy In 2012

Wedding Dress Trends for 2012

The Trend: Illusion Necklines
We saw lots of unique necklines this season, but the most popular goes to the illusion style, in which a sheer, delicate, and often embellished layer of fabric veils skin that would otherwise be exposed.  This illusion give a soft, elegant, and romantic look to every dress.

The Trend: Lace Sleeves
Since the royal wedding several designers were inspired by Kate Middleton’s gown. For a great majority, this meant lace sleeves—a sleeker, more contemporary version of the voluminous sleeves worn decades ago.

The Trend: Blush
Wearing a wedding gown in a non-white or ivory hue was, until recently, considered a pretty radical move.  This season, however, blush and pink shades appeared on dozens of runways, marking its official debut as an expected wedding gown hue.