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Create a Successful Seating Chart for your Special Day

Simple Tips to Help Prepare a Seating Chart that Works for Everyone

1) Divide and Conquer

If you have a large group of friends that just cannot fit at one table, divide them exactly in half and mingle them in with another group. This way, they all have people at their table they feel  comfortable with but can still talk to and meet new people.

2) Don’t Single Anybody Out!

At the risk of embarrassing your single friends and family, don’t dedicate a table solely to singles. It’s alright to sprinkle a few singles together at a table but make sure they are mixed in with couples as well. Just be stealthy about it!

3) A Hearing Aid

Keeping your elderly guests away from the speakers will help them to hear conversation better, and better enjoy your wedding reception. Seat them accordingly, but don’t put them so far away that they can’t hear toasts and other speakers!

4) Family First

Make sure the tables closest to the head table are filled with close family and friends of the Bride and Groom in order to prevent hurt feelings.

5) Keep it Easy

Let your guests know where they’re sitting with an alphabetized list or some other easy way that will get people to their tables quick and hassle free. Organization is imperative to this, so make sure you keep an updated list of who is coming to your wedding throughout the whole planning process. You don’t want anybody to be accidentally left out!

6) Just in Case

Plan for an extra table for those guests who responded at the last minute. This way you can begin the planning process before everybody responds, and not have to worry about where to put these last minute RSVP’s.

7) The Children

Keep younger kids with their parents, but allow older children to sit by themselves with other children in their age groups. Keep them occupied with coloring pages and other fun task like the I SPY game pictured below so that parents can enjoy the evening too.


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