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How to chill at the prospect of your forthcoming nuptials

There’s no getting away from it, planning a wedding can be stressful for the happy couple-to-be. There’s just so much to organize in terms of venue, catering, dress, the honeymoon etc – and that’s before you’ve decided who will/won’t be on the receiving end of an invitation.

What’s important though is that you don’t let it come between you two and take away from what will be one of the most important days in your lives together. Here’s some tips to bear in mind to make sure that doesn’t happen:

Negotiate. Discussions and differences of opinion don’t have to spark an argument. Instead see how your partner reacts to how you put across your points. If it’s not in a good way then learn how to debate with each other

Take time out. Learn how to unwind together. Pencil in time when any discussion about the wedding is banned. This is just about the two of you doing your thing and hanging out together without any outside niggles or interference.

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