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How To Choose a Wedding Caterer

With the ring of the New Year comes new engagements..and bridal shows. One of the great things about a wedding show is that you can meet a lot of vendors all at once. It can be especially helpful when it comes to picking out your wedding food. Both your menu and your cake will be big decisions, so you’ll want to try a few before you commit.

Most of the time, cake and food vendors will have samples on hand, or be able to book a meeting with you where you can taste what they produce. It’s best to go in with some idea of what you want, but you can also rely on their expertise.

The most important thing for both your menu and your cake is to go for something you like. There might be a few dietary restrictions you’ll need to cater to, but the bulk of the menu should be things you’re looking forward to eating. If either bride or groom has any dietary restrictions, feel free to apply these to the whole menu. After all, it’s your day!

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