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Kick-start your Wedding with Crowdfunding

You’ve probably heard about “crowd funding,” the practice of raising money for a
project or venture via the Internet. Websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo,
Crowdrise, and Gofundme allow people to fundraise for worthy causes, charities,
start-up business ventures, the arts, medical treatment, and other enterprises by
tapping into networks of friends, associates, and total strangers who participate
in what is now a $5 billion global industry.
But did you know that some of these sites will let you raise money for any
purpose at all, including funding your wedding?
Do a little online research, pick a crowdfunding site, and formulate a strategy to
invite your Facebook, LinkedIn, and email friends (contacts) to help you celebrate
your big day by sponsoring the event. It usually begins with a video invitation by
the intended bride and groom, announcing their plan, with a request that invitees
help foot the bill. Think of it as a clever twist on the traditional gift registry but
instead of receiving gifts sliver and crystal from your selected pattern, your
friends and family are coaxed into contributing money to pay for the big shebang.
You don’t even have to pick a date or a venue– just an approximate point in the
future and a rough idea of a concept for the nuptials and reception, and the event
can then be planned according to the amount of cash you can generate. Asking
your guests for suggestions can also be a good motivator for them to pitch in with
a donation.
Be creative, think outlandish, and have fun with a wedding project that will attract
participation by the very people you plan to party with.

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