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Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are often left to the end of the long list of things that need to be done in wedding planning. Because of this, they turn into a chore or something that lacks personality.

Here are some tips for wedding favors that everyone loves but that don’t add to your stress.

  • For a musical couple, give everyone a mix tape. They’ll love the sentiment, and it’s something they can listen to for years to come. It’s also easy to get CDs produced, either using your home computer or by a professional service.
  • For a foodie couple, an edible favor is always a good choice. Giving guests a special wedding treat can be anything you like. Whether you give a lovely hot chocolate spoon, a jar of tangy mustard, or a wedding cupcake, it’ll be a welcome treat.
  • For crafty couples, think about giving guests something handmade. You can encourage their creativity by giving them a finished product made by you and your fiancé.

No matter what you choose for a wedding favor, your guests will appreciate this gesture of thanks. By being a bit creative, you can give them something truly unique.

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