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Planning and Creating Your Wedding Cake

Weddings aren’t complete without the staple centerpiece: the cake. As a focal point, the cake has to stand out in a place of honor and blend in with the occasion’s theme to create a unified look. Bride-to-bes get ecstatic about customizing their choice down to the last detail. Haven’t decided yet? Here are the essentials to creating the cake of your dreams!


Looking at cakes is a different experience with actually tasting it; don’t be deceived by appearances alone. Cake testing is done to ensure that the couple handpicks the flavor that everyone else will love and enjoy eating.

Pastry chefs and cake makers now get a lot of requests for flavor combinations. If you’re feeling experimental, you might want to try different flavors and fillings for every tier. For example, you can go for the basic vanilla chiffon cake with a rich chocolate filling. For freshness, try raspberries and cherries. The red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling has also charmed quite a lot of people the past year.

Experimenting with tiers is a good idea since having one flavor alone is predictable. Try something new and make every layer of your cake a surprise. What’s important is to expose yourself to a wide range of tastes so you can decide on a definite selection afterwards. 


The design aspect of a wedding cake is what makes it a centerpiece that guests look forward to. Like the wedding’s theme, it is also exciting to plan! However, you need to be creative but practical with your budget especially since cakes can be quite expensive. A grandiose confection may be out of your league but you can still customize your design through creativity in the design process.

A quick and simple tip in choosing a design is to do the following:

  • Search for visual inspiration from magazines and blogs
  • Canvass prices to come up with a price range
  • Determine the portions according to the number of guests
  • Find a cake designer who can create the style you envision.

If you want to incorporate your design to your theme, it’s much easier to do so. Rustic weddings can make use of a centerpiece that’s wood-based (think earthy colors and intricate twigs wrapped around the tiers). If you’re hosting a beach wedding, you can draw inspiration from the sea (shell toppers, pebble or pearl ornaments and a simple color combination of white and baby blue).

You probably already have an idea in mind for your dream wedding cake. To put that into actual form, you need a basis. So seek for inspirations, gather photo pegs and be visual! You can also call our recommended caterers to help you choose your wedding cake.

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