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Planning Your Fall Wedding

Fall is a beautiful time of year to plan a wedding. It is usually much cooler in those months leading up to winter and offers a beautiful color pattern unlike the spring and summer weddings. Whether you’re looking for fall wedding ceremony ideas or just a few tips to get you started, here are some fall ideas to keep in mind. Your big day is just that, yours. Make it what you want with these beautiful fall theme ideas.

Color Themes

While you may automatically think orange for fall, there are actually a wide range of color themes for you to choose from. You can choose shades of orange or yellow, but you could also choose shades of red that go well with fall. Consider combining a dark burgundy with a lighter pink tone to help you balance out the palette. Beautiful brown shades go well together too such as a deep chocolate brown all the way to a lighter tan color.

Metallic shades can work as well in your decorations. Golds can work well with your other darker tones to bring some neutral shades into the décor.


Whether you go with orange or not, pumpkins scream fall. You can easily have pumpkin décor without the orange that you’re trying to avoid. Consider having them painted the colors of your wedding which can be easily done. You can also incorporate leaves of all colors to help add more fall to the ceremony and reception. These are easily found in your local craft stores or you can talk with your decorator and coordinator to give them your ideas.

Bouquet Options

If you want to truly go with a fall look for your whole ceremony, consider different options for your bouquet than the traditional flowers. Consider having your florist make up something with beautiful leaves, pine cones, and other fall items you’d see around. You can even incorporate it into the boutonniere’s for the gentlemen in the wedding with pinecones and leaves. You can have a beautifully classy fall wedding whether you choose to go with the full orange and yellow theme or if you choose more shades of autumn to adorn your unique wedding ceremony.


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