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Small or Big: Don’t Sweat It On Your Day

Bride’s worst nightmare or not, this Georgia bride didn’t let what rained on her parade actually rain on her parade.

      Shalita Harris, like any other bride, spent months preparing for her special day let alone spent years dreaming about it. Every detail was planned to perfection. However, not everything could be planned for. A freak oil shower coming from the hotel’s sprinklers drenched her and her bridesmaids with oily soot and even sent some guests to the hospital! What a disaster, right? Truly, her wedding is a significant reminder that you really can’t plan for everything and in some cases you can’t even expect the unexpected. On the other hand, her wedding is also proof that these things don’t have to get in the way of the  purpose of having a wedding: to celebrate a couple’s happiness and love. This is exactly what Harris and her groom did when the decided to have the wedding anyway. Remember to  relax; not everything will be absolutely perfect. Chances are you won’t be sprayed with stain-able substances, but whatever happens do keep in mind what you’re really there for.      

      Enjoy your day, don’t stress about the little things or even what seems like the big things. Take Harris for example, only two out of her eight bridesmaids were in attendance yet it didn’t stop her special day from being special.

Read more at: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/bride-drenched-oily-black-ooze-hotel-sprinklers-wedding-165006406.html

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