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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

What are these wedding traditions and how can I incorporate them into my wedding?

The wedding tradition “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” originated in the Victorian Era from the poem “Something olde, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe”.  In a wedding, these pieces embody “good luck charms” for a happy and successful marriage. Below are a few ideas we found especially innovative and fun as well as explanations regarding what they are meant to denote.

Something Old

This piece is intended to represent continuity as well as a link between the bride and her family. The idea is that although her last name is changing, her maiden identity will always remain part of her.

Examples: The veil your grandmother wore on her wedding day, vintage garter, locket with family pictures, old pictures of the bride and groom, or vintage family brooch. (Pictured below: a brooch bouquet)

  Something New

 This symbolizes the new union that the bride and the groom are creating together, and the hopes that it will happily endure forever.

Examples: Your new wedding gown, brand new makeup, the perfect new shoes, freshly picked flowers, the key to your new house, or your new initials monogrammed on a necklace or handkerchief (pictured below).

Something Borrowed

This “borrowed happiness” signifies the everlasting support from friends and family to the new couple. Specifically, the borrowing is supposed to be between the bride and a happily married woman; whether she is your mother, sister or friend is up to you!

Examples: Grandmother’s special cake recipe, sister’s wedding shoes, the earrings your mother wore on her special day, your cousin’s favorite lipstick, or even your grandparent’s Bible for the ceremony. (Picture below: mother’s pearls)

Something Blue

Historically, blue is a color that is symbolic to faithfulness, purity, and loyalty. This piece today is used to represent interminable love and fidelity in the new marriage.

Examples: Blue flowers, blue nail polish, blue shoes, blue garter, blue stitching (pictured below), blue jewelry, or you can theme your wedding blue with blue bridesmaids dresses!


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