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Fall Trends for Your Connecticut Wedding

If you’ve got a wedding coming up in the next few months, you’ll be thinking ahead to the great Fall trends. This year’s Fall weddings are set to be a bit unusual, but completely beautiful. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Dresses: The big trend for Fall wedding dresses is lace. This is especially popular in sleeves, which are staying on trend through the coming year.
  • Colors: This year’s Fall weddings are saying no to earth tones. Instead, look for colors that are bold, vibrant, and stand out against the sometimes drab seasonal background.
  • Food: Filling, rustic, and farm-fresh are the keywords for Fall wedding food. Hearty dishes are a great way to welcome the chill in the air, with fresh and local ingredients giving an ethical twist to your menu.
  • Themes: The autumnal style is going to be focused on romance. Themes are still being used, but Fall weddings will include extra feminine touches to give a romantic feel that’s in keeping with the weather.

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Wedding Planning Tips

2013 Wedding Trend: The Return of Cake

After a few years of cupcakes and cake pops showing up at almost every wedding, it looks like wedding cakes are back. More couples are choosing to stick with tradition and are choosing tiers over individual servings.

Wedding Cakes

There are a few reasons for the shift. One is that couples really want the grandeur of a tiered wedding cake. A big wedding cake isn’t just dessert – it’s also a major part of a wedding’s décor. This means that while couples might spend more on the cake, they’re potentially spending less on other decorations.

Wedding cakes are also regaining popularity because couples don’t want to be part of a trend. By stepping away from trends like cupcakes and cake pops, couples are hoping their weddings will be timeless and classic.

This isn’t to say that cupcakes and cake pops are completely out this year. They’re still popular choices, and can be a cost-effective alternative, especially if you’re feeding a lot of guests. Other takes on the concept are also being used a lot more. These include donut towers, pie tables, and cookie tiers.

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Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Budgets Continue to Rise

According to the annual Real Weddings Study, the budgets for weddings have continued to grow through 2012, with Connecticut brides spending an average of $38,009 on their big day.

The survey, conducted by TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com, asked over 17,5000 brides about their 2012 weddings. The results showed that the average amount spent on almost every part of a wedding has increased over the 2011 results.

Bride and Groom

So what does this mean for a bride planning a wedding in 2013?

Well, for one, it can give you an idea of where your wedding budget it likely to be spent. For instance, knowing that the average amount spent on a venue is just under $13,000 can help you prepare yourself for where your money will go.

Another thing to consider is your per guest costs. With whole weekends of entertainment growing in popularity, the per guest spend has increased to $204.

Of course, no matter what your budget, wedding planning can be great fun. There’s no better way to get your wedding planning into gear than to attend a Wedding Steps Bridal Expo.