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Top Wedding Dress Trends This Year

wedding-1594957_960_720When it comes to finding the perfect gown, you might be one that already has the exact dress you want in mind. However, you may be one of those women that love to find the trends that are in the new year and go with those ideas for your wedding dress. Planning a wedding and choosing the perfect dress can be both exciting and daunting. Here are a few trends to look for as you start your wedding dress shopping experience this year.

Feathers Are A Go

If you’ve looked at any of the latest fashion trends, you’ve noticed that there are feathers on many different types of accessories and clothing items. The wedding dress is no different. One of the trends for the wedding dresses of 2017 is to have feathers on the dress, whether simply outlining the skirt or a full coverage option.

No Veils, Enter Capes

Some women choose not to have the veil as it can seem old fashioned and uncomfortable. Many brides in the 2017 wedding scene are choosing to go with a more modern look with a cape over the dress. These are very fashionable, elegant, and add dimension to the gown itself.

Choose Your Neckline

Some women choose the beautiful deep V-necklines while others are going for a more elegant high-collar neckline. Both of these choices are quite beautiful and will fit your dream wedding dress ideas.

Bows Are In

Wedding dresses with large beautiful bows have taken over the scene as well. These elegant attachments add a touch of femininity to the dress that nothing else can.

These are just a few of the trends you’re sure to see as you’re shopping for your perfect wedding dress. Remember to enjoy this special time, keep in mind the time of year your wedding is going to be held, and the venue you’ve chosen. Most of all have fun and take lots of pictures as you shop for an amazing dress!