Wedding Planning Tips

Traditional Wedding Rules that are No Longer Necessary


Nowadays, weddings have highly evolved into something unique and thrilling. They no longer just rely on tradition and following them is no longer a necessity. There really isn’t a lot of hardcore rules that need to be followed by the bride and groom, except to be present during the big day.

If you happen to be stuck on a colonial mentality of how weddings should be, here is an update on new practices:

Black is the new white

And so is every other color that you can think of. In the past, people were led to believe that the only acceptable color for wedding dresses is white. But because things have changed, wedding dresses do not necessarily need to be white all the time. Remember Avril Lavigne’s black wedding dress?

Bridesmaids’ dresses do not need to match

On that note, your bridesmaid’s dresses do not need to match; even in color. The important thing is that you are the one who stands out during the big day. After all, it is your wedding.

You can invite anyone

The problem with having a traditional wedding mentality is that you have to follow rules when inviting people. If you’re really not comfortable with that person being present in a special event in your life, you have the last decision whether or not you want to invite him or her.

Diamonds are not forever

Well, if you don’t like diamonds that is. In the past, the stones used on engagement rings were only diamonds. However, this limited the option of the couple to just use this stone. If you are into other stones, you can certainly choose them over diamonds.

Your wedding is a memorable event in your life that you need to carefully plan out. The decision needs to come from you and no one else. Visit one of our upcoming bridal shows to see what’s in store for you.