Wedding Planning Tips

Tips for Planning an Amazing Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal dinners have become a standard part of Connecticut weddings. It is as expected as a funny story in the best man’s toast. So how do you make your rehearsal dinner a truly amazing event?

Choose the right venue

The right venue can make a big difference in the rehearsal dinner. It can be in any restaurant, but for an outstanding rehearsal dinner, look at what your wedding venue offers. If there’s a smaller venue that couldn’t accommodate your full guest list, why not have your rehearsal dinner there?

Add some entertainment

The best rehearsal dinners aren’t silent affairs. They have music, they have dancing, and they have a few toasts. This is a chance for you to celebrate with the members of your immediate family and wedding party, so enjoy it with great entertainment.

Have an end time

While it might seem like a great party should never end, this really isn’t the case on the night before your wedding. Remember that you and everyone at your rehearsal dinner will have to be up early to get ready for your wedding. A great rehearsal dinner won’t be remembered that way if everyone is exhausted and hungover on your wedding day.

What do you have planned for your rehearsal dinner? The Connecticut wedding vendors at our upcoming shows can help you plan something truly fantastic!


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Wedding Planning Tips

Beat the Heat on Your Summer Wedding Day

Connecticut summers can be hot and humid, so if you’re planning a summer wedding, you are probably concerned with how you and your guests will be able to handle the heat. While it can take some extra planning, it’s not difficult to keep everyone cool and comfortable at your summer wedding.

  • Start with the venue. When you choose a venue for your summer wedding, think about the temperature. If you are having an outdoor event, make sure there’s a suitable indoor area for people to get out of the sun, or a tent they can relax under. For indoor events, ask about air conditioning.
  • Think about attire. While you might love the idea of a full ballgown and a tux with tails, and all of your guests in black tie, it might not be suitable for your summer wedding. When you think about your attire and your guests’ attire, keep the weather in mind and adjust it, if needed.
  • Offer refreshments. The best way to beat the heat at a summer wedding is to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until after the ceremony to offer guests something to drink. Whether it’s bottled water or large drinks dispensers filled with water, lemonade, and iced tea, make sure your guests and bridal party have access to drinks throughout the ceremony and reception.

Whatever you do, though, don’t dismiss the idea of a summer wedding just because of the heat. Connecticut’s best wedding vendors can help you create the perfect wedding any time of the year. To find out more about them and to start planning your big day, come to one of our upcoming Connecticut bridal shows!


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Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Justice of the Peace Mary Pugh

No wedding is complete without an officiant. In fact, it simply can’t happen without one! If you’re planning a wedding, particularly if you aren’t planning a religious ceremony, finding the right officiant can be a challenge.

You’ll want somebody you and your fiance feel comfortable with, and who will perform a ceremony that fits your needs. This is why Mary Pugh, a Justice of the Peace based in Norwalk, is so great. She has worked with many couples to craft the ceremony that is perfect for their day.

She is also able to perform ceremonies in English, Spanish, and French, and offers 24/7 availability. This means that if you have a specific day of the week or time of day in mind for your dream wedding, she won’t be out of hours or charge you an extra fee.

You can find out more about Mary Pugh’s services, and read plenty of testimonials, on her website. You can also get in touch with her through our vendor directory, where you can find all the other vendors you’ll need for your Connecticut wedding.

Of course, you can also meet many vendors — and attend the Say Yes to the Dress casting call — at our next show!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: A New Beginning Salon and Spa

A recent survey showed that 73 percent of American women feel that their wedding day is the biggest hair moment of their life. With all eyes on the bride, it’s no surprise that so many women feel that there’s no more important day to have a perfect style.

wedding hairstyle

When you’re planning your wedding, deciding on your hairstyle is a big part of choosing your overall look. A New Beginning Salon in Bethel has specialist Bridal Coordinators to work with you ahead of your big day and on it.

Starting several months before your wedding day, A New Beginning will work with you to plan everything for your wedding look. They can even arrange for food and drinks to be delivered to the salon for you and your bridal party as you get made even more beautiful!

As you can imagine, they book up well in advance. With so many great services, though, they’re worth the wait!

To find out more about what A New Beginning can offer you as a bride, get in touch with them through our vendor directory or via their website. You can also meet them and many other fabulous wedding vendors at one of our upcoming bridal shows!


Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Have a Secret Wedding?

According to the actress, the answer to the latest rumor about the couple is a firm no.

When Angelina Jolie went to the Democratic Republic of Congo on a humanitarian trip, she was spotted wearing a gold band rather than her diamond engagement ring. As soon as it was spotted, the rumors started flying that she and fiance Brad Pitt had managed to pull off a super-secret wedding.

However, upon her return to Los Angeles, she answered a question from a TMZ cameraman about the ring’s meaning. She said it was not a wedding band.

While Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, is set to get married this spring, it’s expected that Brangelina won’t be far behind. The current best guess is that they’re planning something for May, possibly at the home they own in the South of France.

With so much to put together for a wedding, Brad and Angelina might be busy the next few months. If you’re planning your Connecticut wedding, coming to a Wedding Steps bridal expo can make planning easy and fun!