Wedding Planning Tips

4 Wedding Cake Trends for The Upcoming Year

cupcakes-1825136_960_720When you think of the reception, the huge centerpiece that is on everyone’s mind is the wedding cake. During your wedding planning, you may have tried tons of different types of cakes and are sure you know which one you want. On the other hand, you may still be searching for that perfect wedding cake for your special day. Here are four wedding cake trends to keep an eye on this year for your big day.

Painted Wedding Cakes

For a unique look, choose beautifully painted wedding cake. These can have a stained-glass effect that is very elegant or even a marbleized looking using the colors of your wedding day. You can also choose one that looks like it was inspired by Monet. These are lovely choices for any wedding and add a sense of unique character.

Woodland Cakes

These go great if you and your spouse love the outdoors or you simply want a more natural type of setting for your wedding. Beautiful vines and wooden accents make a lovely centerpiece for your wedding reception. Flowers adorn the cake just to add a simple touch of elegance.

Naked Cakes

Yes. These are a real centerpiece for your reception. These cakes show what waits on the inside of the cake itself instead of having it covered with a lot of icing. It is a great way to make your cake stand out and look inviting to all.

Cupcakes as the Cake

There are even trends using cupcakes or the pull apart cakes for your wedding cake centerpiece. They a fun way for everyone to get a perfectly sized piece of your cake and to add some whimsy to your big day.