Wedding Planning Tips

There’s No Place Like Home

The chore of picking wedding venues can often times be tricky and overly-expensive. Sometimes you find that perfect romantic location and then you find out it’s booked for months or that the dates available don’t match up to your desired dates. To ensure that these disappointing situations don’t occur when planning your wedding, why not look a little closer to home? Intimate or large, fancy or casual, a backyard wedding is a fool-proof idea for both a wedding and/or reception. Here are some reasons why a backdrop of a beautiful yard setting is the way to go:

  • You can save so much money by using your yard or a friend/family’s yard for your wedding venue
  •  You’re in total control of your environment.
  •  You can make it as formal or laid back as you desire.
  •  Everyone feels more comfortable letting loose in a private setting.
  •  Outside weddings in general make for beautiful pictures because you have the natural elements that are associated with being out in nature.
  •  The chance of inclement weather can be solved by using a giant tent for you and your guests.

The seasons of spring, summer, and early fall are ideal for a backyard wedding, so if you’re into saving money–if you’re inner DIY personality is just itching to come out and if you’d enjoy a more closed-off and intimate location to celebrate with your friends and family–sometimes you don’t have to look far for the best locations.