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Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Tips

Contrary to people, the wedding day is not only a special day for the engaged couple. In fact, each member of their family and close circle of friends are also feel happy on this day because of the union about to take place. Additionally, the couple’s parents are among those who feel happiest that their children are marrying someone they are appreciative of. As such, it is important for the mother of both the groom and bride to choose the right dress to wear for the event.

Here are some tips in choosing the dress for the mother of the bride and groom:

Choose her style

Make sure that you look for a dress that is somewhat similar to how she normally dresses. In doing so, you can find something that she will be comfortable in wearing during your wedding day.

Consider the theme

If you have a traditional wedding, your mother of the bride or groom dress should also be something refined and classical. On the contrary, if the theme is somewhat new and hip, the dress can be something modern yet within the lines of being classy.

Go with the color scheme

The mother of the bride and groom dress should have a color slightly similar to the ones being used by the bridesmaids. This way, they can wear something that is close to the bridal party.

Avoid dark and dull colors

Using dark and dull colors like black and grey are considered inappropriate for weddings. Instead, go for a lighter and more celebratory color for the dress.

Remember that the mother of the bride and groom dress should be classy and elegant. You can browse through one of our recommended bridal fashion vendors to find a mother of the bride and groom dress.