Wedding Planning Tips

Is Onsite Bridal Makeup a Choice to Consider?

Onsite Bridal Hair and Makeup

Even an event as traditional as a wedding, has begun to change with the time. Once only thought of with the white dress with a train, in a church, and the groom was wearing a tuxedo – all of a sudden wedding themes have come about, different parties, bridal showers, attire – etc.…the list goes on and on. With planning a wedding comes all of the appointments and planning ‘craziness,’ if you will of ensuring that everything goes perfect on that wedding day. Fact of the matter is that it can be stressful and taxing on anyone that is involved! Now picture this, beautiful hair and makeup – that comes to you! Yes, in the comfort of your home (or venue) where you can sit back and relax, be pampered, and look like a million bucks with the convenience of not going out of your way.

Slowing Down the Pace


Instead of getting wrapped up in the fast paced planning of a wedding, and stressing out, ruining the big day…just breathe and consider onsite bridal makeup and hair. These professionals have dedicated much time, schooling and everything in between and know exactly what to expect. They are not going to be stressed – the will swoop in, and work their magic while you can talk with your closet friends and family about the amazing day you are about to have. You want to create lasting memories with smiles, not catastrophes with sad tears. Never will you have to worry about a double booked appointment, or missing a ride to the salon. Your bridesmaids are running behind and cannot get their hair and makeup done…onsite bridal makeup and hair is definitely something to consider.