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How to choose the perfect place for an outdoor wedding?

Many people prefer to have an outdoor wedding as they want to incorporate scenic beauty to their wedding ceremony. Some people choose a golf course which provides a beautiful view, whereas others choose a private country club or a park for their outdoor wedding. Though there are many advantages in an outdoor wedding, there are also some disadvantages. Therefore, you should visit different outdoor locations and consider all the factors before finalizing a place. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a perfect place if you want to have an outdoor wedding.

How to choose outdoor wedding location
How to choose outdoor wedding location

When you are choosing an outdoor location for your wedding, consider the weather: Considering the weather is the most important criteria for choosing an outdoor location. Your guests would definitely not feel comfortable if you expose them to the sheer heat in a summer wedding. So, you must choose a location that would provide sufficient shade to your guests. There must be plenty of trees or covered areas to provide enough shade for your guests. You should also arrange a couple of fans and coolers for your guests. Similarly, if your wedding is scheduled in the fall, winter or spring, then you must ensure that the outdoor location has a covered area.

Keep a back-up plan: You must keep a back-up plan when you are organizing an outdoor wedding. This is because the weather can turn out to be more severe than whatever you have expected on the day of your wedding. So, you must choose an outdoor location that has an adjacent function room.

Check if the aisle is safe: Before finalizing an outdoor location, you must check the aisle where the bride would be walking down. You must see if the terrain is even and the aisle is safe.

Choose a location that is rich in scenic beauty: It would be great if you choose an outdoor location that has great scenic beauty. The natural beauty of the place would be able to mesmerize all your guests and you won’t have to spend much on the décor of your wedding reception.

Choose a location that has sufficient lighting and is not prone to pests: You must choose an outdoor location that has plenty of strung lights and lamps so that your guests won’t feel uncomfortable in moving around the place. You can use beautiful aromatic candles as table centerpieces. You should also avoid the locations that are prone to flies and mosquitoes.

 Only after checking all these points, you should finalize the place for your outdoor wedding. You should never compromise on the comfort of your guests when you choose an outdoor location.