Wedding Planning Tips

Consider a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

photo-booth-1608658_960_720Photos are a way of remembering all the great events of your lifetime. From the everyday to the extraordinary, photographs are timeless treasures that are dear and near to your heart. As you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, one thing to consider is your bridal photography. You may have seen in the bridal magazines and online the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding. Here are a few reasons to consider one at your upcoming event.

Candid Moments

There will be plenty of staged photographed moments from your wedding. How about considering the candid moments where your friends and family can be themselves? This is exactly what a photo booth can do for them and you. You can see your friends and family at their best as they enjoy the festivities of your day.

Fun Gift Favors

Depending on your photographer you use, you may be able to offer the candid shots of friends and family in the booth as gift favors for your wedding day. This is a unique favor idea that is a great memento from your wedding. It’s a keepsake that will last a lifetime for all those who attended and celebrated with you.

Keep Guests Happy

Using the photo booth idea can help also pass the time while your guests are waiting for you and your spouse to arrive at the reception. You have a lot to do with your own photographs so having something to keep your guests occupied is a great idea. This will keep your guests engaged in the event and also having a great time while you’re making your way to the reception area.