Wedding Planning Tips

Don’t Overlook An Often Missed Detail

antique-16050_960_720Planning a wedding should be a fun and unique experience for every couple. And not one couple is the same as others. Each person involved will have different expectations, needs and wishes and it is extremely important to make sure both intentions are combined in order to create an event that allows them to have one of the happiest days of their life.

Considering the importance of this day in couples’ lives, it is also very important to keep your guests in mind at all times. It’s true, a wedding is all about celebrating two people’s love for each other; however, it is also important to keep in mind that you are hosting a number of people (whether you chose to have a small 50 people wedding or a big 700-person party) who should get the opportunity not only to be comfortable and happy but also to really enjoy this event so that they will continue talking about it for years to come.

As such, as a bride or groom, you should take some things into consideration during the planning process to make sure everyone is happy and you don’t have to worry about anything when the day comes. There are a lot of details to take care of, including the food, refreshments, drinks and even wedding favors, but one thing that is important and is often overlooked is the wedding transportation. CT is a state where you will be able to find all kinds of wedding venues, and if you are considering holding the church ceremony in one place and then the party in another one, it is extremely important for you to consider the transportation of your guests. You might want to hire buses to get everyone there quickly, but there are also a number of options, like limousines, cars or even wagons with horses that could add a very nice detail to your event.

Wedding Planning Tips

Make Your Ceremony Unique

chinese-17422_960_720A wedding is supposed to be all about the couple getting married. Each person will bring different things into the relationship and, as separate beings, they will have different likes and tastes and this is a great opportunity to combine both personalities in order to create an event that will not only reflect who you are as people and as a couple, but will also turn your wedding into an event no one will forget.

There are a number of wedding ceremony ideas that can reflect who you are and provide both you, your partner and all of your guests with a different experience than the traditional wedding. One great idea that people don’t often do is having a guest book where your guests can write down their best wishes for you both. Another idea is, instead of using a traditional pillow to carry the rings, use something original, like a book you both love or have your pet bring them to you.

Sky lanterns are a great idea for everyone in the party to participate and it will provide an extremely romantic moment as you stand, watching the lanterns float away, embracing your partner.

One great option is creating a wedding time capsule. In it, you can place both significant things from the wedding and letters from family and friends, to be opened up in 5 or 10 years, depending on how patient you are. When the time to open the box arrives, it will bring back a lot of memories from such a special day. One alternative option is writing love letters to one another and saving them for a day when you’ve had a big fight. When you read the letters written on your wedding day, it will help you remember why you are together and you will be more than willing to work things out.

Wedding Planning Tips

Making Things Flow

wedding-443600_960_720-1As a woman on your wedding day, your mind should be solely focused on enjoying such a special day with your partner, family, friends and everyone you care for. It should all be about you two and your love for each other and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. As the date of the wedding approached, you might have hired a wedding planner to help you work out all the details, or you might have managed things on your own (or with your partner), either way, this kind of professional’s help can be of great value.

The thing is that, even if you did get help from someone who makes a living out of doing so, things change when the day of the wedding arrives. She would have left everything set up for success but that would be the end of her job. Luckily, there are also wedding coordinators. A wedding coordinator can help you make sure everything works out as it should during the event itself. This person can make a huge difference because she will allow you to focus fully on enjoying yourself, trusting that everything will be taken care of. This is especially important for the mother of the bride as well, helping her relax and enjoy the moment.

A wedding coordinator will take care of things before you even know something went amiss, what’s more, you probably will never even find out about those things that happened because you will be too busy with your partner and guests. In a wedding coordinator you will be able to find exactly the person who will ensure that everything goes as planned and you will get to enjoy this day you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

Wedding Planning Tips

3 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

glasses-213156_960_720You’ve gotten the ring, the handsome groom-to-be and you’re ready to plan the wedding of your dreams. Now what? One of the first things you and your groom should decide on is the wedding venue. You should have an idea of the time of year you want to get married and what part of the country you want to get married. If you’re staying close to home, then you can make it easy to find CT wedding venues.

If you have a dream of a destination wedding, then the planning takes on a few more steps than you might think. Either way, there are a few things to ask your potential wedding venue when you’ve decided. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind and make sure you get answered before signing up for the venue.

What Dates Are Available?

You know when you want to get married. Be sure you talk with the venue as soon as possible as most of the popular Connecticut wedding venues can book up quite quickly. Be sure to ask what dates are open around the date you want to get married. Also, talk with your groom and decide if you both can have some leeway if one weekend is open and the one you wanted is not.

Talk Money

One of the first things you also need to discuss is the rental fee and deposit required. You want to make sure it is budgeted ahead of time for your chosen venue. Planning a wedding can be very difficult on the budget if you are not thinking ahead of schedule and planning for the prices that the items will cost.

Weather Planning

Be sure to discuss what the alternative plans are if you’re having an outdoor wedding and the weather is not cooperating. You want to know what the venue has in mind if the weather makes it impossible to go with your first plan.

Choosing your wedding venue can be a fun and exciting experience as long as you keep these questions in mind.

Wedding Planning Tips

Finding the Perfect Dress

affair-1238432_960_720You’ve found the love of your life, gotten engaged, and now on to one of the most important fashion pieces you’ll ever buy, your wedding dress! How do you decide on a style, color, and design? Maybe you’ve been thinking about this all your life as you planned your wedding from your childhood. Maybe you’ve looked at magazines and you’re not quite sure what wedding dress is the perfect match for you. Whether you’ve been planning a wedding since you were little or you’ve just started looking, here are a few ideas to help you pick out that perfect match.

Bridal Shows

Check out some of the bridal shows in CT to help you see the latest fashion ideas and trends in dresses. You can see a variety of dress options, bridesmaid ideas, and also reception decoration ideas all in one place. These shows can be a plethora of ideas for your upcoming nuptials.

Decide on Your “Style”

You know whether you are a ruffles and lace kind of girl or if you’re a less frilly type of dress girl. Decide on this before you head out to shop as it will help you to narrow down the many options that may bombard you as you walk into the store.

Time and Venue

Also, knowing the time of year you plan on getting married and having your venue chosen is an important part of the dress shopping process. This will help you to know if that long train you’re looking at is a good idea or if you should try something else before deciding.

The “perfect” dress is out there for you and it just takes a little planning and shopping before you find it. Be sure to take the people that you trust with you when you go. They can support you and give you honest opinions on the dress as well. Remember to have fun and celebrate this special time!

Wedding Planning Tips

Narrowing Down the Date

So this beautiful, loving hunk of man (or tender caress of a woman) has just proposed to you, and you said yes! So, now what? Planning a wedding includes so many different steps and this step varies from person to person. One thing is for sure, you have to set a date. But how can you narrow it down from both of your birthdays, and you parents birthdays, to that lucky day that you always schedule important events around, and the day you have always envisioned? The pressure is already beginning to mount, but it is ok. Take a breath and start taking notes.

You could choose one particular special date that you would like, but there may be conflict on that day where you can’t get your desired venue or someone one special already had a trip planned for that day. It may be easier to figure out more specifics about your wedding, such as do you want it to be an outdoor wedding? Depending on where you live and what you want and outdoor wedding in the winter may not be the best option for you. You may want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator to help with all of the planning process or another option is start with the season you want to be wed in, and go from there. It will be easier to find a venue that you love when you are working with a much more open calendar.

Choosing a date may be the easiest decision you will make about your wedding if you are open to many different times of the year and the array of possibilities.