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How can you make your wedding incredibly romantic?

The couples who are incredibly romantic would naturally want their wedding to be a beautiful and romantic affair. If you are one of those romantic souls, then you must check out these ideas that can help you to make your wedding incredibly romantic.

Give a touch of romance to your wedding invitations: In the wedding invitations, you can add your favorite romantic verse and your love story. It would surely be heartwarming for all your guests.

You can create a romantic theme for your wedding: A romantic theme can make your wedding look beautiful. On the napkins, decorations and ceremony programs, you can feature your favorite verses, flowers and hearts everywhere. It would surely delight your guests and keep the ambiance romantic.

Add the emotional touch: Emotions and romance are so much related to each other. You and your partner can write your vows with all your love for each other. When you both would recite those vows to each other in the wedding ceremony, it would make everyone present at the ceremony emotional and sentimental.

Choose the classic style: In order to make the wedding incredibly romantic, you can sprinkle rose petals everywhere such as on the reception tables or along the aisle of the church. The beautiful rose petals will add a splendid color to your wedding décor and also make the setting romantic.

Choose the perfect lighting: The perfect lighting can finally give a romantic ambiance to your wedding. You can place different types of candles throughout the reception or church. Soft candlelight looks beautiful and good.

Add as many hearts as possible: Heart shaped décor can make the wedding ultra romantic. You can add heart shaped balloons or heart shaped candles everywhere in the wedding venue.

Floating flowers look beautiful: You can use floating flowers as the centerpieces of your reception table. In beautiful vases or glass votive holders, you can float fresh flowers for a classic and ultra romantic look. If you manage to choose seasonal flowers, it would be better.

Use lace: Lace is delicate, stylish, romantic and beautiful. You can add colorful laces to your bouquets and incorporate lace in the decorations of your table.

Hire a musician: You can hire a musician who can sing beautiful romantic songs. That would make your wedding incredibly romantic.

A unique touch: You can order a special wedding cake that would have your favorite romantic verse on it. You can also give a special name to the drink that should be served at your reception. 

If you follow these ten simple tips, you can easily make your wedding incredibly romantic.

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Fall Trends for Your Connecticut Wedding

If you’ve got a wedding coming up in the next few months, you’ll be thinking ahead to the great Fall trends. This year’s Fall weddings are set to be a bit unusual, but completely beautiful. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Dresses: The big trend for Fall wedding dresses is lace. This is especially popular in sleeves, which are staying on trend through the coming year.
  • Colors: This year’s Fall weddings are saying no to earth tones. Instead, look for colors that are bold, vibrant, and stand out against the sometimes drab seasonal background.
  • Food: Filling, rustic, and farm-fresh are the keywords for Fall wedding food. Hearty dishes are a great way to welcome the chill in the air, with fresh and local ingredients giving an ethical twist to your menu.
  • Themes: The autumnal style is going to be focused on romance. Themes are still being used, but Fall weddings will include extra feminine touches to give a romantic feel that’s in keeping with the weather.

To find out more about the great trends for Fall weddings, and to meet with many of Connecticut’s top wedding vendors, come to one of our upcoming shows! At this week’s show in Brookfield, you’ll also get the chance to meet the casting producers of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress!