Wedding Planning Tips

Maybe I Should Consider a Second-Hand Dress?

Second-Hand Beauty

When it comes to your special day, you honestly want everything to run smoothly and perfectly but there are so many steps to making sure that happens. One of the biggest factors that makes or breaks a wedding is – the dress. Do you want to purchase a brand new one and create your own memories or have you considered a second hand dress? A second hand dress can either be a dress that has been passed down through the family as part of a tradition or it can simply be a dress that was used and worn in another wedding – from either a friend or a shop. Second hand, doesn’t be anything other than it was worn before and is not brand new. While some people may not be okay with the idea, there is nothing wrong with wanting to do so.

Where to Find One

There are many bridal expos and bridal boutiques that have tons of beautiful, name brand, dresses that have been given to the shop for other women to enjoy. Let’s face it – nine times out of ten, if you do not have plans for your wedding dress after the big event – you will find it in your closet, years later taking up space! Why not allow someone close to you or another woman get to enjoy her special day in the gown? You may even find some amazing vintage dresses in a second hand shop that you wouldn’t have originally considered.

Many people get wrapped up in what society’s image has been of what the wedding look and feel should be – this is your special day…do as you please and don’t ever hesitate to look through a second hand shop or speak to family members about their older dresses.