Wedding Planning Tips

Best Types of Stay-Cation Honeymoons

Besides the union of two people who love each other, one of the highlights of getting married, is the vacation you get to take to decompress from the preparation of the wedding. Some people go as a tradition to consummate their marriage. Whatever the reason for the vacation, the final part of the wedding process is the honeymoon. This is the first vacation the couple will take together as husband and wife.

But not everybody can afford a honeymoon. Many couples don’t have the money, or the time to take a honeymoon, especially after paying for the wedding ceremony. But did you know there are awesome stay-cation honeymoons that you can do? A wedding planner can help plan a stay-cation – which is a vacation, but you don’t vacate. You stay in your local area and do something fun or relaxing, or whatever you would normally do on vacation. So a stay-cation honeymoon involves the romance you would have on a destination honeymoon, but just in your local area.

One great stay-cation honeymoon idea is checking into a local Bed and Breakfast. There are quaint lovely B&B’s everywhere. By checking into a B&B you can get lost in the atmosphere and feel like you are in the country. Another stay-cation involves checking into a luxurious hotel suite on the other side of town with room service and everything, again which a wedding planner can coordinate for you. This will help you feel like you are on a true vacation and the further away from your house the better. If you are looking for excitement, plan a day of fun things you and your love have never done in your city, just the two of you.

A stay-cation honeymoon can be whatever you want. It just allows you to spend the first couple of days together alone as a married couple. They can be fun and exciting, but mostly it is about your love and the time together.