Wedding Planning Tips

Romantically Rustic

Barns, beige, and burlap! Rustic and country-style weddings are all the rage right now. Having this type of themed wedding gives a warm feeling to your special day and ensures a more casual setting for your guests. Here are some ways to incorporate a rustic theme into your wedding day:


The first consideration is the choice of venue.  Finding the right barn, lodge, field, mountain, or park is the most important decision.  Ask your friends, go exploring, take a ride to the countryside.  Today, you can Google “weddings barns” and get a list of places near you. 


Burlap can be your best friend for a country wedding. Tastefully use the material as place settings on tables, for a banner, table cloth, or anywhere else you think it would do the trick. .


Using wooden elements is also a good way to give your wedding a rustic theme. Place stumps of wood on the sides on the aisle to the altar.  Interweave bright lights into trees, or write messages for your guests on wooden signs. Planks on saw horses make for nice tables.


Other materials that are typical and for rustic weddings are twine, mason jars, bales of hay, and white lace.


The most important key to a beautiful rustic wedding is the patience for all the DIY projects that come with it, a strong attention to detail, and an imaginative mind. These country-style weddings might be what’s hot right now but the best part about them is that no two weddings are the same.


So if you’re ready to get crafty, and if you really enjoy the country, then you’re ready to have one of the best old-fashioned, down home, venue themes around!