Wedding Planning Tips

Make Your Ceremony Unique

chinese-17422_960_720A wedding is supposed to be all about the couple getting married. Each person will bring different things into the relationship and, as separate beings, they will have different likes and tastes and this is a great opportunity to combine both personalities in order to create an event that will not only reflect who you are as people and as a couple, but will also turn your wedding into an event no one will forget.

There are a number of wedding ceremony ideas that can reflect who you are and provide both you, your partner and all of your guests with a different experience than the traditional wedding. One great idea that people don’t often do is having a guest book where your guests can write down their best wishes for you both. Another idea is, instead of using a traditional pillow to carry the rings, use something original, like a book you both love or have your pet bring them to you.

Sky lanterns are a great idea for everyone in the party to participate and it will provide an extremely romantic moment as you stand, watching the lanterns float away, embracing your partner.

One great option is creating a wedding time capsule. In it, you can place both significant things from the wedding and letters from family and friends, to be opened up in 5 or 10 years, depending on how patient you are. When the time to open the box arrives, it will bring back a lot of memories from such a special day. One alternative option is writing love letters to one another and saving them for a day when you’ve had a big fight. When you read the letters written on your wedding day, it will help you remember why you are together and you will be more than willing to work things out.

Wedding Planning Tips

Go Vintage!

When thinking of wedding ceremony ideas, going vintage is not just a theme of your wedding, or a style of clothing you, the groom, and the wedding party will wear. Going vintage is the idea of doing things on possibly a smaller budget, but mostly a closer sense of community and love with the people who are sharing your special day.

It used to be fairly popular to get married at home or at a loved one’s house, and the house didn’t have to be a mansion or a large estate. The older women helping the younger lady get ready, reminiscing, and laughing about their marriages. The backyard decorated and home cooked food in the dining room, and everybody enjoying each other’s company, hopefully. Just there alone you have saved money on a venue, a caterer, and a decorator. One great consideration to go along with a vintage theme is to hire a wedding limo service. Nothing shouts vintage, like a limo arriving at the venue.

Then there is the dress. When you go vintage for a dress you allow yourself many different options because “vintage” can be any time between the 1920’s to the 80’s. That is 60 years worth of fashion. Also your dress doesn’t have to look like the typical wedding dress. It can be a flapper style dress with a feather head piece, or a bohemian 60’s dress with a short veil adorned with lilies. There is a plethora of wedding ceremony ideas, and you can be so creative with your look when deciding on what to wear for your wedding. The groom can get pretty creative with his look as well.

When you decide to go vintage, you can go all out and dive deep into theme, or you can keep it simple and very true to the term. Either way, it will be a day you will remember forever.