Wedding Planning Tips

Flats Are Okay!

In today’s world of weddings, you can have whatever kind of wedding ceremony you like. There are no boundaries to your theme and look, no matter how unconventional.  You can have a winter wedding in the summer, you can represent your favorite sports team, men and women can wear their tennis shoes, and ladies can where flats. That’s right ladies. You, and your bridesmaids – if you want, can wear flats for your wedding.

The idea of wearing flats may not play as crucial a part in your wedding ceremony as the theme, but it is a notable difference. Shoes are a big part of the wedding ensemble. Just ask any bride or bridesmaid that has looked for shoes, for a wedding. Finding the right pair of shoes is almost as difficult as finding the right dress. While high heels are the common option for brides to wear on their wedding day, many have chosen to wear flats instead. Between the wedding ceremony and the reception, wearing your high heels can really do a number on your feet. So instead of fighting the pain for aesthetic purposes, woman are realizing they can look just as good walking down the aisle, at the altar, and taking pictures as they can in high heels.

For some women, high heels are essential and they wouldn’t think about changing that for the world; that is completely understandable. They do look good. But if you are considering wearing flats for your wedding ceremony it is okay, and it will not compromise your look. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and if you think wearing flats will help you enjoy your day, go for it!