Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Dance for a dream wedding

Wedding dance is romantic, classy and spectacular. When a bride and groom dance in a wedding, it looks beautiful. If you and your partner are fond of dancing, then you can select a wonderful wedding dance form for your wedding. It would make your wedding look like a dream wedding.

Incorporate the wedding dance as an important part of the wedding. It would be a moment of tremendous joy and excitement. Most couples take about 5-10 lessons for preparing the wedding dance. This allows the couple to spend some quality time before the days of wedding.

Here are some of the wedding dance forms that you can choose for your big day. The traditional ballroom dance looks elegant and beautiful. These dance forms are also easy to learn.

Waltz: Waltz is a popular ballroom dance form. This dance looks graceful and requires some smooth moves. This form of dance requires a large dance floor as the couple requires traveling the dance floor through their graceful moves. The rise and fall moves of this dance form make it feel that the couple is floating.

 Foxtrot: This form of dance is quite easy and so many couples choose foxtrot for their wedding. It is a very relaxing and smooth dance form. The music that is ideal for foxtrot is contemporary soft rock and classical swing.

Tango: Tango is a very romantic form of ballroom dance. It is danced very closely. The proximity and romantic expression of this dance form makes it a favorite for the wedding couples. It has some sharp movements and requires a little amount of practice to gain perfection.

Salsa: Salsa is associated with the word “sexy”. It is the most popular Latin dance form and it looks incredibly beautiful. This form of dance is very popular in the US. Salsa doesn’t require the couple to travel much and so this form of dance is ideal for smaller dance floors. However, salsa is not an easy dance form as it involves fast turning and hip gyrations.

Cha-cha: This is a rhythmic and exciting dance form. It has a beautiful cha-cha-cha rhythm and is ideal for dancing in smaller dance floors. Fast Latin music is generally used for this dance form.

These are the five most popular forms of wedding dances. Rumba, Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing are the other forms of wedding dances. Choose any form of wedding dance according to your style and make your wedding extraordinary.