Wedding Planning Tips

How to Be a Wedding Guest When You’re Planning Your Own Wedding

Whether you’re having a short engagement or a long engagement, it’s almost certain you’ll have another wedding to attend while you’re planning your own nuptials. Attending a wedding as a bride-to-be can be difficult. Here are a few ways to enjoy the day and make your day perfect.

  • Try not to compare too much. You won’t be able to resist making some comparisons, but look at differences as good things. Don’t judge by the standards of your wedding.
  • Use it to remember what it’s like to be a wedding guest. As you get wrapped up in planning, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to attend a wedding. What parts drag? What did you love? Use this knowledge for your own wedding.
  • Get excited, but keep it under control. Enjoy the wedding, and let yourself be excited about your upcoming wedding. Get wrapped up in the joy of the wedding, but remember that it isn’t your big day. Keep the focus on the happy couple, and celebrate with them!

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