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Short Hair or Long Hair: Men You Count Too

It is amazing that in 2016 people, women mostly, are concerned about if it is okay to have short hair for their wedding day. With their veil and pictures, it is still very traditional for the woman to have long hair and wear in it some type of cascading style. The truth is there is something beautiful for all hair types and lengths no matter how short or how long. You may want to check out a bridal show just so you can gather more ideas for your upcoming day, but remember – it’s your day, you call the shots!

It can be a lot easier to find veils that will accent your face and that go with the style of wedding you may be having if you have longer hair, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t stunning options for others. Now with access to bridal expos, you will easily be able to find the perfect veil. With shorter hair, accent pieces, flowers, and diamond decorated headbands all work extremely well, as do veils. The difference is all these looks work well with any shaped face.  Men can also be a part of this conversation. With the ‘man bun’ fashion trend blasting off, even men are opting for the non-traditional long hair for their wedding day instead of a close cut. If the groom does have long hair, a low pony-tail to the back or just down will work well.

The key is to do what is most natural and comfortable for both of you. There are beautiful hair styles for your wedding day no matter if you have short hair or long hair. The idea is that you love each other regardless of your hairstyles. When you are comfortable and in love, you will ultimately look great.

Wedding Planning Tips

Some wonderful hair accessory ideas for your special day

A gorgeous and classic hairstyle can make you look stunning on the day of your wedding. After selecting the perfect wedding dress, choosing the perfect hair style and hair accessory is the most important thing to look beautiful on your special day. In the earlier days, brides used to wear a classic veil in their hair to make it special and different. However, nowadays you can try a lot of things depending on your style. You can select a classic, quirky or creative hairstyle. Here are some wonderful hair accessory ideas for your special day:

Brooch: It is a small to medium sized metal clasp. Since it is a little heavy, it should be placed somewhere in the hair where it can get some support. It goes well with an updo.

Headband: It is a beautiful band that is either made of metal or fabric. It can be either thin or thick. Generally, a headband looks great with any hairstyle. If you are wearing it across your forehead, then it would look good on any down hairstyle. However, if you are wearing the headband on top of your head, then it would go well with any possible hairstyle.

Birdcage Veil: It is a pretty veil made of netting. It is generally fixed with a clip. The Birdcage veil is ideal if you are wearing a vintage wedding gown or if you are having a vintage themed wedding. This veil looks flattering when it is placed on one side, so that it covers one eye. However, you must keep the hairstyle simple so that stands of your hair don’t fall on your face.

Little flowers: You can place small, colorful flowers intermittently throughout your hair. This looks especially good if you have curly hair. However, you should not put too many flowers in one spot. You should place them evenly so that it looks pretty. It looks great with any type of braids.

Sparkly Tiara: It is a semicircular jewelry designed for embellishing your hair. Tiaras are best suited for an updo. You should place the tiara on top of your head so that it looks like a crown. Alternatively, you can also frame it around an updo.

Feathers: You can use fake or real white colored feathers to compliment your hairstyle. However, do not use larger feathers as they would look unflattering. You should also not place the feathers too high on your head.

You can also use hair combs as a hair accessory. Apart from that, you can use different kind of veils. Your hair accessory should showcase your style and accentuate your hairstyle. Thus, you must choose a wonderful hair accessory that would suit your hair type.

Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: A New Beginning Salon and Spa

A recent survey showed that 73 percent of American women feel that their wedding day is the biggest hair moment of their life. With all eyes on the bride, it’s no surprise that so many women feel that there’s no more important day to have a perfect style.

wedding hairstyle

When you’re planning your wedding, deciding on your hairstyle is a big part of choosing your overall look. A New Beginning Salon in Bethel has specialist Bridal Coordinators to work with you ahead of your big day and on it.

Starting several months before your wedding day, A New Beginning will work with you to plan everything for your wedding look. They can even arrange for food and drinks to be delivered to the salon for you and your bridal party as you get made even more beautiful!

As you can imagine, they book up well in advance. With so many great services, though, they’re worth the wait!

To find out more about what A New Beginning can offer you as a bride, get in touch with them through our vendor directory or via their website. You can also meet them and many other fabulous wedding vendors at one of our upcoming bridal shows!