Wedding Planning Tips

One car to fit them all!

Weddings vary so much from one to the next one that you will probably see a lot of different ideas throughout your life. You might go to the traditional church ceremony, followed by an elegant dinner and live music with a dance floor. You might end up at a thematic medieval times wedding where you are supposed to share your food with twenty others in your table and you won’t get any utensils to make things easier.

Everyone is entitled to have their dream wedding and as long as the bride and groom agree on things, guests are always in for a surprise. If you want to do something classic and more traditional, you might choose the first kind of party mentioned, with classy decorations, a table for the newlyweds and beautiful flower arrangements that show off taste.

One very nice way to compliment this kind of ceremony is using a limousine. Limo services are available all across the country, but you might just be lucky enough to find a specific wedding limo service in your area. This kind of service can be used to get you from your house to the church, from the church to the party venue or even from the venue to the airport to begin your honeymoon. A limo service will surely get your guests’ attention and you will be able to make an entrance worthy of those pictures that will be kept and shown for years to come.

You could even schedule a specific photo shoot session with the limo to take advantage of the service you are hiring. This will make for some really unique pictures and it will give you and your partner some time to enjoy and connect before the actual ceremony.

Wedding Planning Tips

4 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Limo Provider

limousine-601462_960_720You’re planning your big day and part of that planning process is deciding how you and your new spouse will leave the event. You want to arrive and depart in elegant style and have a way to enjoy the festivities of your day without worrying about a designated driver. A wedding limo service provider can give you exactly what you need for your wedding day events. There are a few things to keep in mind as you choose a vendor for this aspect of your day. Here are four questions to make sure you ask your wedding transportation provider.

Vehicle Insurance

Make sure the vehicle has the proper insurance on it for escorting you and your wedding party around for the day. You don’t want to worry about legal issues that may arise from them not having the proper coverage.

What about the drivers?

Are their drivers professionally trained to drive and operate the limo? You want to make sure that they are professional and know what they are doing before entrusting them for this very special occasion.

Back-up options

Cars do break down and although you may try to avoid it, things happen. Make sure you discuss with the vendor what their back-up options are in the event of a service issue with the vehicle.

Be sure of the agreement

Before you sign papers or pay anything towards this service, be sure you understand the ins and outs of the agreement between you and the limo company. Ask questions you may have upfront and do not wait until you’re already locked in. Be sure you are comfortable with the total cost, the back-up arrangements, and the vehicle that is reserved for you. You can truly enjoy your day when you are not having to worry about the transportation needs and can relax and take in every second of the day.


Wedding Planning Tips

Go Vintage!

When thinking of wedding ceremony ideas, going vintage is not just a theme of your wedding, or a style of clothing you, the groom, and the wedding party will wear. Going vintage is the idea of doing things on possibly a smaller budget, but mostly a closer sense of community and love with the people who are sharing your special day.

It used to be fairly popular to get married at home or at a loved one’s house, and the house didn’t have to be a mansion or a large estate. The older women helping the younger lady get ready, reminiscing, and laughing about their marriages. The backyard decorated and home cooked food in the dining room, and everybody enjoying each other’s company, hopefully. Just there alone you have saved money on a venue, a caterer, and a decorator. One great consideration to go along with a vintage theme is to hire a wedding limo service. Nothing shouts vintage, like a limo arriving at the venue.

Then there is the dress. When you go vintage for a dress you allow yourself many different options because “vintage” can be any time between the 1920’s to the 80’s. That is 60 years worth of fashion. Also your dress doesn’t have to look like the typical wedding dress. It can be a flapper style dress with a feather head piece, or a bohemian 60’s dress with a short veil adorned with lilies. There is a plethora of wedding ceremony ideas, and you can be so creative with your look when deciding on what to wear for your wedding. The groom can get pretty creative with his look as well.

When you decide to go vintage, you can go all out and dive deep into theme, or you can keep it simple and very true to the term. Either way, it will be a day you will remember forever.