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Create a “Must Have” List for Your Wedding Day

As you plan your Connecticut wedding, you’ll probably have a list of things you want to include. The more you look for inspiration, the more things you’re likely to find, too. This is why creating a “must have” list for your wedding day can be very helpful.

Whether you’re doing the planning yourself or working with a wedding planner, a must have list is a handy reference. You’ll most likely be working on your plans for months, and this list can remind you what the most important aspects are.

This can come in very useful if there are any conflicts, such as available dates for different vendors. By having a short list of must have elements, you’ll know what you can compromise on, which will help reduce the stress of the decision.

Of course, another great way to reduce your wedding planning stress is to come to one of our bridal expos. You’ll be able to meet all the vendors you’ll need for your big day, and have lots of fun in the process!