Wedding Planning Tips

Keeping the Memories Alive

A wedding day is one of the most important days in people’s lives. The meaning behind this tradition is beautiful and even though each couple will give it the significance they want, it all comes down to proclaiming your love for one another in front of loved ones. Of course, you also have the party to consider. No matter what religion you practice, you will probably have some guests who are interested in the religious or spiritual ceremony and then you will have all the rest who will be looking forward to partying with you.

All throughout the ceremony and the party, the only thing you and your partner should be concerned with is celebrating one another and having a great time with all of your guests. This is why all the extra details should be taken care of with anticipation. One very important thing you don’t want to forget is making sure you hire a really good CT wedding photographer who can take the pictures that will help you keep the memory alive throughout time.

There are a number of photographers who specialize in weddings in Connecticut but you should make sure that not only are they good, but also that their style fits what you are looking for. Wedding Couture, for example, is a luxury wedding photography brand created by Netmartin and they use a highly styled approach so if you want to get this kind of pictures, you should check out their book. Still, if this is not your style, if you’re looking for something that feels more natural and real, you might want to look up other photographers who will offer what you want. You will find photographers who use drones to capture pictures from the air, others who focus on landscapes and even some who play with light and colors and can offer alternative options. Find the one that fits your particular needs best.

Wedding Planning Tips

Consider a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

photo-booth-1608658_960_720Photos are a way of remembering all the great events of your lifetime. From the everyday to the extraordinary, photographs are timeless treasures that are dear and near to your heart. As you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, one thing to consider is your bridal photography. You may have seen in the bridal magazines and online the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding. Here are a few reasons to consider one at your upcoming event.

Candid Moments

There will be plenty of staged photographed moments from your wedding. How about considering the candid moments where your friends and family can be themselves? This is exactly what a photo booth can do for them and you. You can see your friends and family at their best as they enjoy the festivities of your day.

Fun Gift Favors

Depending on your photographer you use, you may be able to offer the candid shots of friends and family in the booth as gift favors for your wedding day. This is a unique favor idea that is a great memento from your wedding. It’s a keepsake that will last a lifetime for all those who attended and celebrated with you.

Keep Guests Happy

Using the photo booth idea can help also pass the time while your guests are waiting for you and your spouse to arrive at the reception. You have a lot to do with your own photographs so having something to keep your guests occupied is a great idea. This will keep your guests engaged in the event and also having a great time while you’re making your way to the reception area.

Wedding Planning Tips

Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

You’re planning your big day and one of the major components of that day is capturing it on film. You want to know that while you’re enjoying your ceremony and reception there’s someone you can trust that is capturing all those precious moments. Finding the right person to handle your bridal photography and wedding ceremony pictures is imperative to having your moment captured for a lifetime. Here are a few things you need to discuss with your potential photographers when you’re planning a wedding.

Confirm the Date

Make sure that when you’re talking with them that they have your wedding date opened up. If they already have other weddings that day or have something planned, you don’t need to bother with any more questions.

Check Portfolios

You want to see what type of pictures they take and how they stage photos etc. You want to be able to see examples of their work to make sure they are a good fit with you and your spouse to be.

Discuss Wedding Shoots

Don’t be afraid to ask them how many weddings they’ve actually shot before. This can be a tell-tale sign before you get involved with a photographer that doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. Be sure you ask questions and ask to see some of their wedding shots if they’ve done them before.

Backup Plans

Make sure you discuss with them if they have backup equipment for any case of something going out on location. Discuss with them what their plans are for inclement weather etc. You want to be totally comfortable with the wedding photographer you choose. Remember to ask questions, ask for portfolios and do your research to guarantee your day is captured just how you imagined.

Wedding Planning Tips

Capture Your Day With The Right Photographer

Weddings are often a girl’s dream growing up. A woman might spend years thinking and planning out the details for her dream wedding and traditionally, men respect what the bride wants or at least go along those lines. And considering the importance the bride places on this day, everything should turn out perfect. Not just that, everything should be captured in perfect photographs that serve as a memory of that moment.

The photography of a wedding can be separated into several pieces and one of the most important ones is bridal photography. This includes everything, from the moment the bride wakes up, all through her process while getting ready for the ceremony, and even in those instants before walking down the aisle.

Bridal photography is an opportunity to shoot some of the most beautiful moments before and during the wedding. The glow in a bride’s face is something unmatchable and as such, it should be recorded. Through a good service of bridal photography, the perfect moments and memories of that special day will be caught in pictures that will last for generations as a proof of the love between two people.

Although it can seem easy to hire just any photographer to capture the wedding’s special moments, hiring a specialized professional will always be a better idea. A wedding specialized photographer, or even better, a team of wedding photographers who specialize in different areas, such as the dinner party, preparations, dancing, etc., is a great idea.

Once the husband and wife come back from their honeymoon, ready to begin their new life together, they will want to look at the pictures of their wedding to get an idea of everything that happened and all the things they missed while immersed in each other. When the groom sees those beautiful bridal photographs of her getting ready before the ceremony, he will fall in love again.

Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Eyecandy Photography

This week we want to introduce you to the very talented Eyecandy Photography.

Eyecandy Wedding Photography

This Connecticut-based company specializes in wedding and portrait photography. They look to record the precious memories of your life.

Eyecandy Wedding Photography

As you can see, Eyecandy is excellent at capturing the vibrant beauty of your special moments. They approach your photos with an artistic flair, giving you wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Eyecandy Photography

They understand the importance of capturing your very special event and to preserve those moments for many years to come. 

 Eyecandy Wedding Photography

Eyecandy’s portraits are truly special, and they capture the sense of fun and family in group shots. They are a perfect choice for any style of wedding, and for any family portrait photo shoot.

Eyecandy Photography

If you are planning an event in the Connecticut area, they invite you to get in touch to discuss your photography needs. 

To find out more about Eyecandy Photography, come to one of our shows, or find them in our vendor directory.