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Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

When it comes to proposing to the woman you love, you need to be prepared for it carefully. This is because you want to make the moment something memorable and creative. While you can go for the traditional options, you can also think of unique ways on how to pop the big question.

Here are some of the ways you can ask her to marry you:

Propose Where You Met Her. Or at least somewhere memorable to both of you. You will not really need a lot of preparation with this because the venue on its own is already special. When you’re there, you can start talking about the past and what you first thought of her. By the time she’s smiling, you can pull out the ring and ask her the big question.

Propose During a Special Occasion. Another way you can make the event extra special is when you propose during a special occasion. If it’s your anniversary or her birthday, you can make the event more special by asking her to marry you. A good way to do it is with a fully decorated hotel room, complete with flowers and champagne.

Do Something Unique. The good thing about doing something unique as a way to propose to your girlfriend is that it doesn’t really matter if it was done in the past. The important thing is that you have gone the extra mile to ensure that she remembers the event and smiles when she does. You can do these:

  • Plan a scavenger hunt where she finds the ring ‘on purpose.’
  • Use an aerial banner, especially if you’re in an open area.
  • Post a video on YouTube that you made for her.
  • Propose during half-time game.
  • Do it with breakfast in bed. This never fails!
  • Get a flash mob to help you!

Just remember that when you’re looking for a way to propose, it has to be heartfelt and sincere. Even if you are using a traditional method for proposing, you have to make it sound real. Good luck with your proposal and don’t forget to visit one of our upcoming shows to help you with your wedding details.