Wedding Planning Tips

Making it Unique

One of the most important things about a wedding is that it should show both people’s personality and find a way to combine those two worlds into a beautiful reception. A lot of couples find that their tastes clash in several aspects and they might be afraid to try to combine them because they might be spelling out disaster. However, no matter how different you both are, there will always be a way to find a middle ground and this is what will truly make your wedding unique. There are a lot of couples who, out of fear of messing things up, stick to the traditional ideas, decorations, food, etc. and even though this might play out to be a nice wedding, it won’t offer you or your guests the unique experience you could be offering.

In order to talk about wedding reception ideas, start by talking about your passions; are you an outdoors kind of couple? You might want to host the reception at a garden or a vineyard or maybe even at a beautiful opening in the middle of the woods where you will be able to pamper your guests with marshmallows on a stick and a bonfire for everyone to sit around once it starts getting late.

Did you meet at a state fair? How about using this as a theme for your wedding, offering stands with candy and games so that your guests will be entertained and will be able to take a favor back home that will remind them of your wedding?

No matter what your interests are, this can be used to build up a theme around which you will be able to plan everything for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with your wedding planner, she will probably be able to help you and even offer some great ideas you might not have considered yet.