Wedding Planning Tips

Is a Reverse Schedule Right for Your Wedding?

Have you heard about reverse schedule weddings? They’re a big trend right now and can be a fun alternative to a traditional schedule.

The basic concept behind a reverse schedule is that you have the reception first and the ceremony at the end. This creates a different feel to your wedding and can create a sense of anticipation as you approach the ceremony.

The reverse schedule wedding is particularly good for morning weddings. Your guests are welcomed with a delicious breakfast, followed by toasts and speeches by friends and family. They spend the afternoon dancing and celebrating before you exchange your vows. The wedding can conclude with you leaving for your honeymoon, or carry on with some evening dancing.

For this style of wedding, you shouldn’t be too set on tradition. Your groom will see you plenty before the ceremony. You might want to limit the amount of alcohol you serve, as you will want guests to be in the right frame of mind for your ceremony.

Reverse-style weddings can be a fun twist to the usual order of the day, and one that will really make your Connecticut wedding stand out from the crowd. To find the perfect wedding vendors for your big day, whatever type of schedule you choose, come to one of our upcoming Connecticut wedding shows to meet some of the area’s best!

Photo: Flickr/Corey Balazowich