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Gorgeous Destination Weddings

Wedding themes have changed quite a bit but have you ever heard of a destination wedding? More so as the times progress, they are becoming more popular but some people are not exactly sure what they are and what they entail. A destination wedding is a wedding that is planned about 200 miles away from where you live. Like say you live in Virginia, but your wedding is going to take place in the Florida Keys. Everyone will gather there for a few days or week, and that’s where the event will take place! This will include a lot of travel, hotel group packages, Internet planning and an agenda for everyone to follow for their stay. You may even want to consider an online wedding planner to help get everything together.

A Few Things to Consider

Some things that you are going to want to consider if you are planning a wedding, a destination wedding specifically, is what amenities are actually going to be included for the event. If you are going to be staying at a resort with your friends and loved ones, what are the associated costs, what is going to be covered and are there any events included? Additionally, you are going to want to consider how busy the area will be (if it is a touristy area) and the weather! While we cannot always rely on weather predictions, having a good idea of what to expect may very well adjust your plans slightly.

Depending on the size of the wedding being planned, price range will vary – the average costs for a destination wedding is around 22,000 US dollars. Of course if the event is going to be larger, you can expect costs to accrue and if it is more intimate, the costs may lower. Start planning your destination wedding today, perhaps you will go to New Zealand and go bungee jumping or Colorado and enjoy the mountains!


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Which Wedding Colors Should You Choose for Your Theme

Nowadays, when you’re planning your wedding, you simply have to start with choosing a theme. Through this, you can already start planning on the colors, decorations, and music that you will be using for your wedding reception. Apart from choosing a theme to work with, you also have to choose the colors that you would like to use. The good thing about these two is that they usually go hand in hand together.

Here are some of the common wedding theme and color combinations being used in today’s weddings:


If you’re the type of person who prefers simple things, you can go for a rustic/country chic wedding. This is a theme that celebrates nature and being outdoors. If this is a theme that you would like to use for your wedding, you can include some hay and picnic tables as your decoration. The colors that are usually used in rustic themed wedding include greens, oranges, whites, and reds.


Another popular theme being used in wedding is vintage. This theme speaks about reinvention and bringing back the old world charm to today’s time. Vintage themed weddings come in different forms: shabby chic and classic retro are just two of these options. The theme is characterized by the use of antique lace and Victorian frocks.

Because of how diverse the theme is, there are also plenty of color combinations being used for the theme. Among these include mint, salmon pink, seafoam green, creams, rust, copper, and aqua.


True to its nature, a beach themed wedding exudes a laid back atmosphere. If you are fond of going to the beach, you can go for this theme on your wedding. This is a great way you can bring the beach to where your wedding is. If you would like to use a beach theme for your wedding, you can use colors like blue, white, greens, and coral.

Depending on your preferred color combination, you can use a theme with the colors mentioned above. By establishing the theme you would like for your wedding, you can easily plan your wedding in no time. You can choose from one of these recommended venues where you would like to have your themed wedding.

Wedding Planning Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Picking Out a Wedding Theme

Nowadays, planning a wedding starts with choosing a theme. No matter how much your budget is, you can easily work around with it as long as you have already chosen your wedding theme. Since themes are a great way to get ideas for your wedding decoration, you can easily go online and start looking for something that will inspire you. 

A wedding theme, in a nutshell, is simply a style that you have chosen to use for your wedding day, from your wedding decorations to invitations, dress, and even your menu. You can easily choose a theme by simply picking out a specific color or following a motif out of something you enjoy: a particular era, book, movie, or anything else that matters to you.

The question here is: do you really need a wedding theme and how do you pick one out that’s best suited for you. Here are some of the commonly used wedding themes that you may opt for: 

Beach Wedding

If you would like to have a laidback and peaceful wedding, you can opt for a beach wedding. Plenty of couples use this option, especially if they would like to go on a destination wedding. The Philippines is a popular destination for the number of beautiful beaches where you can get married in. You can have a sunset or sunrise beach wedding, depending on your preference. 


Lately, there has been a huge craze over vintage wedding themes. Perfect for a garden wedding, you can serve tea, crumpets, and other ideas on pieces of whimsical plates and cups. This will add a dainty appeal that will be perfect for your chosen wedding theme.


Another popular wedding theme that you can go for is a rustic/country wedding, inspired by the natural beauty of the fields and barnyards. This is also a good idea if you would like to have a simple yet beautifully decorated wedding. At the same time, there are a number of DIY projects that you can easily follow for your wedding details. These will save you a lot of money when planning your rustic wedding. 

Winter Wonderland

If you’ve always been a fan of snow, you can opt for a winter wonderland theme for your wedding. The good thing about this theme is that you do not need to spend too much money on your wedding decorations because the snow alone will be something that you can take advantage of. Other than that, your wedding colors will mostly include whites, blues, and silvers; some of the easy to find products available in the market.

Because of how easy it is to establish a theme for a wedding, you can easily plan one out by simply choosing a particular color you would like to use for your big day. This choice alone can already be used as a theme because you get to go for other wedding accessories that match it. In doing so, you have already created a theme for your wedding without any difficulty.

Finding out what theme to use for your wedding largely depends on what you and your fiancé are interested in. If you both like literature, particularly Jane Austen books, you may use ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as the theme for your wedding and have everything prepared with that era in mind. Another wedding theme that you can pick out is if you are fond of celebrating Halloween, you can arrange that easily.

No matter what wedding theme you pick, you have to ensure that it is something you and your fiancé are both interested in. It’s what makes your relationship special so make sure that you pick one out carefully. You do not need to follow the bandwagon or current trend in picking out a theme for your wedding day. All you need to do is decide what you both are interested in and use that as a theme; whether it’s a Star Wars wedding or a rustic theme.

Browse through our vendor list of wedding reception sites for an option that you may use for your wedding. You’ll be sure to find one, regardless of your chosen wedding theme.

Wedding Planning Tips

Celebrity Weddings: Are You Inspired?

The wedding season can mean plenty of celebrity couples walking down the aisle. Their over the top wedding days can be great inspiration for your Connecticut wedding. Here are a few of the 2013 celebrity season’s highlights.

  • French retreats: This year, France has been a popular wedding destination for celebrities. Halle Berry, Avril Lavigne, and Keira Knightley are just a few of the celebrities who have gone Gallic for their weddings. You don’t need to travel, though. Follow Aaron Paul’s lead and bring France into your wedding’s theme.
  • Creative couture: Celebrity brides haven’t been afraid to say no to white for their gowns. Shenae Grimes and Melissa Gilbert’s bold dress choices were stand out examples. However, there’s also been a resurgence of traditional styles, like that worn by Kristin Cavallari.

  • Big themes: Celebrities are bringing a “go big or go home” attitude to their themes, as seen in Sean Parker’s Lord of the Rings inspired wedding day. Committing to a theme and going all out can be great fun, even on a smaller scale.

Creating your perfect wedding, whether celebrity inspired or not, starts with choosing great wedding vendors. To meet many of Connecticut’s best wedding vendors, come to one of our upcoming shows!

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Fall Trends for Your Connecticut Wedding

If you’ve got a wedding coming up in the next few months, you’ll be thinking ahead to the great Fall trends. This year’s Fall weddings are set to be a bit unusual, but completely beautiful. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Dresses: The big trend for Fall wedding dresses is lace. This is especially popular in sleeves, which are staying on trend through the coming year.
  • Colors: This year’s Fall weddings are saying no to earth tones. Instead, look for colors that are bold, vibrant, and stand out against the sometimes drab seasonal background.
  • Food: Filling, rustic, and farm-fresh are the keywords for Fall wedding food. Hearty dishes are a great way to welcome the chill in the air, with fresh and local ingredients giving an ethical twist to your menu.
  • Themes: The autumnal style is going to be focused on romance. Themes are still being used, but Fall weddings will include extra feminine touches to give a romantic feel that’s in keeping with the weather.

To find out more about the great trends for Fall weddings, and to meet with many of Connecticut’s top wedding vendors, come to one of our upcoming shows! At this week’s show in Brookfield, you’ll also get the chance to meet the casting producers of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress!