Wedding Planning Tips

What Makes a Wedding “Traditional”?

What makes a wedding traditional can vary by country to country because every culture has their own beliefs and customs. A trend in recent years has been bringing weddings back to their roots and larger Western weddings are becoming popular. So what are some popular traditional wedding items that we still see today?

The Rings

Having originated in Europe, wedding rings are a sign of unity. Originally only worn by the wife, the 20th century saw a change in direction when both men and women began to wear rings symbolizing their marriage. Traditionally, the rings are made of gold or another precious metal and a popular stone is a diamond, but this is not always the case. While most stick to the traditional diamond ring, some couples have begun to use other precious stones such as rubies or emeralds and sometimes include their birth stone. Ultimately, it’s all up to the preference of the couple.

The Cake

At most weddings, a large one to three tiered white cake will be on display, traditionally adorned with small silver balls or realistic flowers made from icing. In Western weddings, the cake is usually served to guests at a reception following a ceremony; in parts of England the cake is served with breakfast the morning after the wedding.


The Vows

A bride and grooms vows to one another is a traditional part to many different cultural weddings. While some couples choose to stick only to what the wedding officiant guides them to (for some weddings it is the “in sickness and in health” vows) and other couples choose to write their own that they read to one another before proceeding with the rest of the ceremony. Regardless of how you do it, vows are one of the most important parts of a traditional wedding.

Bride’s Wedding Attire

An elegant white wedding dress has been popular for centuries, having been started by Queen Victoria in 1840 in the Western world (white had been the choice of color for Japanese brides for years before). Before then, brides wore their best dresses, but veils have been an important part of brides fashion for much longer. Ancient Romans believed that the veil protected the bride from evil spirits and they are found in many different styles today.

The Reception

Though how the reception is performed, the act of gathering for food and drinks after a wedding ceremony has been a wedding tradition for a very long time. The reception usually includes speeches, a bride and grooms first dance and of course, the cutting of an elegantly designed wedding cake.