Wedding Planning Tips

Getting Married in Connecticut

No matter where you plan on getting married, the most important thing is that you and your partner should find a venue you both love. It should be the kind of place that can live up to the dreamy expectations you have for your wedding. It also needs to be within your budget. Considering this, if you are planning on getting married in Connecticut, there are a few venues you might want to take a look at.

Remember that seeing a few pictures is never the same as actually going to see the place in person, so take some time off your agenda to make a tour and visit these properties. If there is one you like in particular, you could even ask to see it while a wedding is taking place so that you can get an idea of how it would look like during your own celebration.

  1. For an outdoor reception, you might want to take a look at Webb Barn. This 19th century construction offers both the area inside the barn and the beautiful gardens around it to host a party. It is the kind of place where you would be able to have a unique and different kind of wedding, rather than going down the traditional lane.
  2. Crystal Peak is a great option two. They are very conscious about people’s budgets so you might get your dream wedding in this lovely venue even if you don’t have such a big budget destined for the party. Check out their packages and offerings.
  3. The Gwyn Careg Inn opens up all of its spaces to people who are looking to get married. This might give you a lot of flexibility if you are unsure about what it is that you want exactly. With the woods around it, you will definitely get some lovely wedding pictures to save.

These are just a few of the Connecticut wedding venues that await your special day.

Wedding Planning Tips

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

The location of your wedding is about as big as the day itself is. You must choose the right CT wedding venues that will hold your guests, be easy for you to navigate, and will make your day the most special it can be. How do you choose which venue to use or where your wedding should be held? There are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding and choosing the location for the big event. Here are four tips you should remember when choosing your CT wedding venues.

Choose the Date

One of the most important details to have nailed down is the actual date you want your wedding. This is very important as some of the more popular wedding venues book quite early. Decide with your fiancé what your date is before you start to look.

Decide on Guest Count

While this can fluctuate back and forth, you and your spouse to be need to decide on a limit or number of guests you wish to invite. Just because you invite them all doesn’t mean they will come, however you need to be prepared in case they do. The guest count will also determine where your wedding can be held.

Choose a Budget

One of the other most important items to determine before looking is your budget. There’s nothing worse than looking at a venue and falling in love only to find it is way out of your budget. Set the budget beforehand and stay firm to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Determine the Type of Event

Another important factor is what type of event do you want to have. You could choose an outdoor style wedding, an elegant fairy tale event at a hotel ballroom, or a more eclectic even in an industrial location.

All of these different ideas should be considered when it comes to choosing your perfect CT wedding venues options.

Wedding Planning Tips

What to Consider for the Wedding Reception Venue

Breathtaking Venue

A wedding day is one of the most special days in a couple’s life together. There are millions, at least that’s what it feels like, of things to consider when planning a wedding, and do before the day arrives. One of the most important decisions to make is the wedding reception venue. What is the style and feel, will it be at the same place as the wedding or will people have to travel to another venue, is there plenty of parking, and the list goes on. Here are just a few basic, but important, things to consider when selecting your wedding reception venue.

Time of Day

What your venue looks like during the day may not be what it looks like in the evening, and vice versa. The time of day of the reception can make a difference in the ambiance of your venue.  Don’t be afraid to check out the venue at the time your reception will be held. See what the venue is like during that time of day, and make sure it matches the ambiance you are envisioning.

Number of People

With wedding reception ideas, is your reception going to be hundreds of people or just 20 of your closest family and friends? Are children invited to the reception, or is it adults only? These are the questions you must ask in determining how large or small the venue should be.  Once you know the approximate head count, this will help you to decide the best space for your reception.


An integrated part of the style and feel of the reception is the type of service you want. Do you want buffet style with a cash bar, or service with a wait staff and an open bar? What the venue actually can do and offer is important to know before making your decision.  Also keep in mind all of these choices are attached to a price tag and that may also steer you in a certain direction as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on planning your special day. You can go through our site and get more information on what you will need to make this day come to fruition just like you imagined.

Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Tarrywile Mansion

Whatever season you choose for your wedding, you want a venue that will look gorgeous. Whatever style of wedding you are planning, you want a venue that will meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever the wedding, Danbury’s Tarrywile Mansion is an excellent choice for the venue.

Tarrywile offers exclusive use for your wedding day, meaning yours is the only event they have going on that day. This gives you the chance to make it your own, and really experience all it has to offer. From the beautiful surrounding park to the stunning architecture of the mansion, a wedding at Tarrywile lets you take a step away from the ordinary and into something truly special.

Offering a beautiful location for outdoor weddings, and a gorgeous indoor space, Tarrywile offers everything you could want in a wedding venue. They are experienced and can help you create the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a formal event or a casual event. The beauty of Tarrywile is its flexibility to suit any wedding with total perfection.

To find out more about Tarrywile and other great Connecticut wedding vendors, check out our directory or come to one of our upcoming shows!

Wedding Planning Tips

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important things you have to consider when planning your wedding is the venue that you would like to spend it in. For some individuals, this serves as the first decision you have to make so that everything else can easily follow. However, you will need to be careful when choosing your venue so that it turns into the one you really want. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a venue:

What is your theme?

When you are choosing your venue, make sure that you consider the theme of your wedding. Traditional weddings are held in hotels or country houses. On the other hand, if you opt for a rustic theme wedding, you will have to go for a farmhouse or somewhere there’s a lot of wood. Think about your theme carefully.

What is included in the venue?

If you opt for a hotel venue, they usually come with packages that cater to all your needs for your wedding—food, decorations, and music. But if you want to include your own vendors, you will have to check this with your chosen venue. Also, make sure that the venue has staff that can accommodate your requests during your big day.

Remember that when you’re on the lookout for a wedding venue, you need to check out your options before you commit to one. This way, you can make a wise decision and compare the different options that you have shortlisted.

If you need some help finding a suitable venue for your wedding day, feel free to go through our featured vendors. You may also visit our upcoming show so you can meet some people that can help with your big day!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Fox Hill Inn

Do you want something different than a hotel for your big day? Brookfield’s Fox Hill Inn could be just the place for you. The mansion-style home is easy to get to yet still feels secluded. It’s a venue that is perfect for you and your guests to escape to for a bit of Victorian charm and elegance.

The Fox Hill Inn is perfect for weddings, and has a capacity of up to 250 guests. Their wedding package includes everything you’ll need for the ceremony and reception of your dreams, from a delicious meal to a fabulous custom-made cake.

Whatever the season, the Fox Hill Inn can offer everything you need. It’s also the location for our next bridal show. When you come to the Fox Hill Inn on October 15th, you can check out the fantastic venue while also meeting many of Connecticut’s top wedding vendors.

Buy your tickets and find out more about it today!

Upcoming Bridal Shows Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Villa Barone Hilltop Manor

If you’re a Connecticut bride, you might want to look over the state line to some of the fabulous venues available in Putnam County. Our next bridal expo, on September 19th, is being held at one of these beautiful locations – Villa Barone Hilltop Manor.

The Hilltop Manor is perfect for a truly grand affair, and its waterfront location and country surroundings make you feel removed from everything. Your guests will be swept away by the stunning property with its landscaped gardens and sumptuous interiors.

Of course, it isn’t just great for big weddings. The team at the Hilltop Manor can work with you to create the perfect wedding for you, from 50 guests to 500 guests. The Villa Barone catering team can also ensure that you have a menu you’ll remember forever.

Words can’t do the Hilltop Manor justice, though. The best way to understand the beauty of this venue is to visit it, and our next bridal expo is the perfect opportunity. Find out more about this and other upcoming shows, and buy your tickets today!

Upcoming Bridal Shows Wedding Vendor Spotlight

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Candlewood Inn

If you come to our next show, you’ll get a chance to check out one of Connecticut’s best wedding venues. The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield is a beautiful choice for your big day, and the location of our next bridal show.

The Candlewood is a perfect choice for big weddings, with a capacity of up to 300. Their wedding package can make your wedding planning very easy – the Candlewood can take care of everything from the escort cards and centerpieces to the meal and wedding cake.

Of course, the real selling point for a wedding at the Candlewood Inn is the stunning location. With a special spot on Candlewood Lake, you get the beauty of a waterfront venue. You can choose to have your ceremony on the shoreline or in the contemporary elegance of the banquet hall.

To really understand the beauty of the Candlewood Inn, you’ll have to visit, though! To make the most of your visit, come to our next show, which will be held at the Candlewood Inn on August 20th. You’ll get a chance to meet some of Connecticut’s best vendors and can meet the casting producers of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress! To find out more about upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, click here!

Wedding Planning Tips

Don’t Forget the Wedding Day Details

Wedding day details can help transform your venue, and can make your guests even more impressed with what you’ve planned. Making sure all the little things are covered makes a big difference to the overall experience. Here are a few details that you shouldn’t forget.

  • Cake table: You’ve chosen the perfect cake, but will it just be placed on a boring table? Decorating the cake table, and having a gorgeous cake knife on display, will turn it into the centerpiece it deserves to be.
  • Escort cards: You can just have a basic diagram for where people sit, but there’s something extra special about escort cards that fit with your décor. They can also be combined with your wedding favors for a creative twist.
  • Hidden décor: When you set up your venue, don’t forget the bathrooms and bar! These are two areas your guests will be visiting, so tie them into your wedding with bouquets of flowers and other matched décor.

Whatever style wedding you’re planning, paying attention to the details can make your day even better. To give yourself time to work out the details, make the rest of your Connecticut wedding planning smoother by coming to our next show!