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Take the Guess Work Out of Guest Books


Besides great planning and beautiful decorations, what’s a grand wedding without being surrounded by the people who love you? Guests are like the audience members to a show, witnesses to a wonderful marriage taking place, and important to the success of a good wedding. The bride and groom become the center of attention on their special day and a good just-married couple will often times try to meet and greet with all of their guests at some point during the reception. Depending on how many guests were invited, speaking to every guest that comes to the wedding could prove to be a hard task. To ensure the communication between guest and newly married couple, you should have a guest book so your guests can sign their names and maybe even a short message to the newlyweds. Here are some super innovative ideas on how a guest can leave their name and/or small message to look at later.  Other ideas are:

Have guests sign a guest quilt with fabric markers

Have guests sign Popsicle sticks with fun date ideas for the future that they can place into a jar

Have guests place written messages in a giant glass bottle, wooden box, shadow box frame, etc.

Have guests sign puzzles pieces, pebbles, jenga pieces, etc.

Or instead of guests signing small items, have them sign one big thing such as a slab of wood, vintage window, framed poster, etc.

If a guest book isn’t something you don’t want to do for your wedding but still want some input from your guests, print out advice coasters and lay them on the tables at the reception or ask them to give a few pearls of wisdom on the wedding video. Think of creative ways to let your wedding guests know that they are appreciated and that their ideas and messages are wanted.

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