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The dos and don’ts of wedding limo hire

There is no better way for you to arrive at your wedding ceremony than in a limo. Limousine personifies style, glamour and true luxury. It commands attention and is one of the most spectacular ways for a bride and groom to drive around town.

If you want to make a grand entrance and make a lasting impression on your wedding guests, a limo should most definitely be your go-to mode of transportation. And if you want to select a reliable wedding limo service provider, here are some essential rules to stick by:

DO book in advance

Most couples take wedding transportation booking for granted. It isn’t as easy as you might think. Limos get booked quickly, especially in the peak wedding season. The latest models get booked even sooner.

That’s why it’s critical to book a limo service plenty of months ahead of your big day. Most couples make a booking a year before their wedding day.  Try to book a classy limo at least 8 months prior to your wedding.

DO thorough research

Check out the latest limo models before making the final booking. You can read reviews online or ask your contacts to recommend the best models.

Do inspect the car in person

Pictures can be deceiving. If you want to invest your hard-earned money in a luxurious, elegant limo, check it out beforehand. This is an effective way to decide if the car has exactly what you’re looking for.

DO choose a high capacity limo

Go for a stretch limo if you have a bridal party. A high capacity limo saves money because you won’t have to hire multiple cars for everyone. Almost 10 people can comfortably fit in a stretch limo.

DON’T squeeze in the bridal dress

Can’t figure out the limo size you need? A simple method is to count the bride as two people. In this way, the bride will get two seats to adjust her dress. She can spread her skirt on the car seats without having to worry about it getting squashed.

Similarly, ask the limo rental company if the car comes with a fifth door so that the bride and bridesmaids can get in and out easily.

DON’T sacrifice quality for cost

Never compromise quality for a lower price. Some wedding limo companies charge higher prices. But, they might provide a better quality car with a more experienced driver.

Your wedding day car plays a pivotal role on the momentous occasion. Make sure it truly special by getting exactly what you wish for. We simplify your search for wedding transportation in CT. Check out the most popular wedding limo service providers in CT here.

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