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Tipping wedding vendors: How to do it right

While we do our best to plan out the expenses when it comes to weddings, most of us forget one expense- the vendor’s tip. While tipping vendors is not mandatory, especially since you’re already paying wedding vendors’ fees, it is expected. So, the basic purpose of tipping vendors is to show them your appreciation for their service.

With that in mind, how much do you tip vendors? Most importantly, are you supposed to tip all of the vendors involved in your wedding planning?

Here is a simple guide that can help you:

Read vendor contract carefully

Some vendors, such as wedding caterers, include gratuity in their fee. This is usually 20 percent of the total bill. Make sure you read the contract to avoid tipping twice.

Tip on the wedding day

Most vendor tips should be given on the day of the wedding. You can ask a reliable friend or family member to tip vendors on your behalf at the end of the day. Use a plain business envelope to hand out tips.

Don’t tip the self-employed

Don’t tip the owner of a business. In other words, you don’t need to tip your videographer, hairdresser, etc. if they are self-employed.

If you really want to show your gratitude to a vendor has done an exceptional job, then get a nice present for them rather than handing out cash.

Add a thank-you note

Remember to send a handwritten thank you note. This simple note goes a long way in making a vendor feel special. Also, write a positive review on the vendor’s website or social media page.

Whom to tip and how much

  • Officiates: It’s not compulsory to tip religious officiates. In fact, most of them won’t accept cash tips. If you feel the need to do so, make a donation to their organization. Anywhere between $75 to $100 is good enough.
  • Catering staff (waiters, bartenders, chefs, etc.): If the caterer doesn’t charge a gratuity fee, you should tip their staff. Consider giving a certain percentage of the total catering bill to the catering manager and their staff.
  • Musicians / DJs: $25 to $50 each.
  • Wedding planner’s staff: $50 to $100 each.
  • Photographers/videographers: $100-$200 (if they are not self-employed).
  • Reception band: $25 to $50 each.
  • Driver: 20 percent of the total transport bill.
  • Valets: $2 per car.
  • Delivery staff: $5-$20 per person.

These are some essential vendor tipping rules that you should definitely follow. At Wedding Steps, we provide the most reliable wedding vendors in CT for you to work with.

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