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Tips for Your Bridal Show Visit

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re about to go to your first bridal show. What do you need to know to make it through the show and get the most out of it? Here are a few tips to get you through the show and through the planning process without a hitch.

The Size of the Show

Consider the size of the show you want to go to. Some of the larger “mega” type shows are in grand ballrooms at hotels and offer hundreds of vendors for you to browse through. This can also mean you can get lost in the shuffle and become quite overwhelmed at the sheer volume of ideas at the bridal expos. Smaller bridal fair locations can give you a more intimate feel and easier time of connecting with vendors on a personal level. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing what show to attend.

Prepare a Plan

Bring along a partner in crime with you to help you keep up with ideas you like and find along the way. Be sure that when you go to the bridal fair that you bring something such as a notebook or journal to keep your favorite ideas and notes jotted down in. This will help you later when you have time to relax and go through what you’ve found.

Know When to Go

You need to know when it’s time for you to leave and let your brain relax. Be sure you do not push yourself to stay at the bridal expo any longer than you can handle. When you’re not wanting to even think of the day any longer, it’s time to take a break from planning.

Keep these ideas in mind as you look for the upcoming CT bridal shows in the area.

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