Choosing the perfect wedding bands

Don’t Settle for a Band that Doesn’t Quite Fit

Congrats, you’re engaged! That perfect engagement ring you have been showing your friends is a reflection of many decisions on your fiance’s part. Do you have any idea what he had to think about? “What diamond shape does she want? Is it big enough? Platinum or white gold? Four prongs or six? How much will this cost!”, as the sweat beads started to form on his forehead.

After making all those decisions the one thing he WASN’T thinking about was wedding bands!

If you’ve been wedding band shopping, you may have tried on more rings than dresses and still haven’t found one that fits!

Today straight wedding bands won’t fit flush against many intricate engagement rings. Many of today’s styles have three stones, trellis prongs, and diamonds encrusting the shank, sides and even in between the prongs. These styles create an amazing look, that leave you searching (sometimes in frustration) for a wedding band that will match!

Getting the perfect band is not as difficult as you may think; you just need to find a QUALIFIED jeweler who can design and create the perfect match.

The first step is to sit down with a jewelry designer and discuss what look complements your ring. After deciding, a model maker may carve a wedding band out of wax. This wax model is then cast into platinum or gold, creating a one of a kind wedding band that will fit seamlessly next to your engagement ring.

While straight bands look nice when worn alone, you may not like the look of your custom band without the engagement ring. Therefore, think about how often you will wear the band alone compared to wearing them together. If you’re never going to wear them separately you may want to have the rings attached, which will keep them from twisting on your finger. A band that fits snug will not only look great but will also extend the life of your engagement ring.

May people just assume or have been mislead into thinking that a custom made ring costs much more. This is not necessarily true. Seek out a jeweler who will work within your budget and ideas to make a wedding band you will cherish forever.

Remember, you have planned every aspect for your perfect day, but when the day is over the invitations will be in the trash, the flowers wilted, the music over, the cake eaten, and the white gown hung in the closet. But the ring you’ll have and enjoy for the rest of your life.

By Dennis Janofsky
Graduate Gemologist and Owner of Quality Gem in Bethel