Do I need to Hire a Wedding Beauty Consultant?

Aside from your hair, your face and gown are the focal
points. You need to look absolutely radiant and flawless. You want to enjoy the
added perk of hiring a reputable consultant or makeup artist who will, in fact,
do an awesome job, be dependable and punctual on the most important day of your

You have been to countless weddings. Some brides had the
professional touch and they looked great; others not so much. Believe it or not,
you can tell when a makeup artist has been added to the formula for wedding
success. Don’t forget that any hair accessory is very handy for helping
balance out your face. If you have a round face that needs some depth and
angles, use some angled accessories instead of round or fluffy ones. If you have
a square face that needs softening, use flowing and round shapes. Once you have
chosen a beauty consultant, make an appointment for the initial consultation
well in advance of the big day. If cosmetics are not part of your regular daily
regiment, this meeting will determine your skin type and shade. You will also be
introduced to the concept of successfully applied makeup, “less is
more” and always “highlight to bring out your best features.” 
Heavy makeup is unattractive; it merely accentuates nature’s imperfection,
rather than conceal them.

 The Bride’s style

Is the bride more of a girl next door or a daddy’s little princess? For some
women, getting their hair, nails and makeup done is a joy and absolute
necessity. For others, this type of pampering is considered an unnecessary
extravagance. For those who adore the glamour of being catered to, it is
probably worth hiring a professional. She is also likely to be the woman who
will look more at home with a full face on. On the other hand, if the bride is
more of the no frills type who hardly wears makeup at all, it would probably be
better to do it herself. She is also more likely to look less out of place this
way than if she showed up on her wedding day overdone by her typical standards.

 Comfort level

Before making a final decision to go solo, be sure to
ask an important question: How comfortable is the bride with applying makeup on
such an important day? To take on the task, she’s going to have to be confident
in her abilities. This includes having the right tools and being able to work
swiftly and expertly in a time crunch. There is only going to be one chance to
“get it right” and the last thing she will want is to be worried about
misapplied facial products on what is supposed to be the happiest day of her
life. In the end, the bride should be happy with whichever path she takes. 
This is a day to celebrate her and the commitment she and her groom are making
to one another.  She should look stunning and true to her natural self,
whether that is reflected in a simple look or one that is planned to wow guests.
Being beautiful can be accomplished with or without outside help. It’s all a
matter of what makes the most sense.

Classic Beauty

Soft pink and deep plum are light and fresh; plus, this
combination looks great on almost all skin tones.

Glowing Girl

Pale gold and deep matte brown eye shadows create a rather
radiant look. Together, these shades warm the complexion and enhance the eyes.

Drama Queen

Manicure Tips

Your hands will probably never enjoy as much time in the
spotlight as they will on your wedding day. Guests will want to see “the
ring,” and you’ll want to show it off! Plan ahead now so your hands will
look dazzling on the big day.

The Look

Wedding day nails should be clean and well-shaped. For many
years the French manicure — in which the tips of the nails are painted white
and then the entire nail is painted with a soft, clear pink or eggs shell color
— has enjoyed great popularity with brides. Still, classic hues of plum, red,
wine, pink, coraland soft lilac are all excellent choices for your wedding day.

 A Professional Manicure

If you decide to keep your nails natural, you may want to
schedule a regular professional manicure for the months leading up to your
wedding. Setting aside an hour once or twice a month to have your hands pampered
makes for a welcome bridal break. And taking care of your nails regularly will
help them grow strong and look nice.

 Bridal Hair Themes

A bride’s hair accessories can be just as important as
the bride’s gown. It’s those finishing touches that can make or break a
style. Ideally, your wedding accessories should always help enhance your overall
appearance and draw attention to you and your breathtaking dress. They should
never upstage or overwhelm you or your gown.

 You need to decide on your exact hair-do before even
thinking about any hair accessories. You also need to decide on your veil style
and how it will be attached, if you plan on wearing a veil at all. If the veil
is connected to a headband or crown, you’re going to want to keep the front
area of your head clear from other accessories. If you choose not to wear a
veil, picking the right wedding hair accessory will be all the more important. 
If you decide to involve the bridal party or the mothers of the
bride/bridegroom, take a vote, since it is an added expense; if all are in
agreement, then coordinate the day and time.

Whether or not you choose to have your makeup done
professionally, you need to remember that every detail must be carefully planned
well in advance and you must feel comfortable and confident with your decision.
Any bride’s thoughts regarding a central hair or makeup theme need to be
discussed at the very beginning of the wedding planning stage. 
Consideration and communication with the bridal party about hair and make-up
issues are critical in deciding who should foot the bill for what services. This
topic may also be the financial dividing point for attendants that are unable to
invest unlimited      funds to be part of the wedding
party.  If you really dream of everyone with twisted up-do tresses, it is
important that you say so at the beginning so your attendants have a clear
picture of what is required of them both financially and otherwise.

If you are planning for a stylist to come to your home and
do your wedding hair, inquire about having a second stylist accompany them. 
The two stylists can probably manage to handle the hair for the entire bridal
party. In this scenario the bride or her family should pick up the hair
styling tab and any tips.

Keep in mind that having two stylists at your home for any
length of time will be more expensive than if you all went to the salon. 
However, there are many advantages that outweigh the disadvantages and the
potential cost.  

All wedding hair appointments must be booked way in
advance.  Some salons will require a deposit to hold the date and time and
the desired hairstylists.

When it comes to planning wedding party hairstyles it is
important to be considerate, creative and exercise good communication skills. 
Although some hair styling costs are obvious, others may be more nebulous. 
Keep in mind that in some cases you may be required to pay if you have very
unique or special wedding hair requests.  Bottom line, be flexible and
thoughtful and keep an open mind.  If you want to talk more about this or
other hair care articles; please feel free to contact TCB Salon at 203-205-0966
during our normal business hours.

 Suzanne Cohen TCB Salon